16 June 2010

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BJP – Politicians Break Law – Watch the movie Rajneeti Using Pirated DVD –

BJP – Politicians Break Law – Watch the movie Rajneeti Using Pirated DVD –
Caught Red Handed

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happened on Tuesday –

Movie Rajneeti is hardly one-and-a-half weeks old and this is how blatantly law of land is broken by the same people who are lawmakers in India.

Fearing cross voting in the Rajya Sabha polls June 17, the state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has put up all its 79 legislators in the hotel to prevent horse trading and defections.

BJP law makers, legislators were staying in a Five star resort on the outskirts of the state capital for a few days to keep them united ahead of Rajya Sabha election.
The film was screened for Rajasthan BJP MLAs using a pirated DVD.
For their fun and entertainment BJP decided to show them movies.
"There was fear that the MLAs may not vote for Ram Jethmalani, whom they consider an outsider, so the party decided to lock them up together and place them in a hotel.

Why did not you organize training or educational programs?

Reacting to the lawmakers' illegal act, filmmaker Prakash Jha told, "This most abhors that how lawmakers are the first lawbreakers. I am absolutely dismayed and shattered that the film which has just been released is being screened in such an illegal manner."

Filmmaker Prakash Jha has filed a case against those illegally screening his recently released film Rajneeti in Jaipur
Jha has filed a case against BJP MLA RS Rathore and the hotel owner.

Ignorance of law is not excuse to say we do not know about Pirated laws or Pirated copy.

If this is the argument then No one should be punished for the possession of Pirated DVD and Cds of movies.

the manager of Entertainment Paradise, Murari Lal Sharma, said, "Rajneeti has been released only for screening in cinema and multiplex in Jaipur and if someone watches this on CD or DVD, it is illegal."

We hope Nitin Gadkari, BJP President , BJP party and Resort Management will pay the money to Rajneeti movie owners Prakash Jha .

If someone feels guilty he should resign from his political seat.


Gul,  June 16, 2010  

they should be ashamed
send them to jail

Kavita Saharia June 16, 2010  

Pathetic...like it happens always,they will get away with it in no time.

Insignia June 16, 2010  

I saw it on TV. It was preposterous how they flaunted about watching the movie!

sm,  June 16, 2010  

yes nothing will change but it we have speak it.

Neha June 17, 2010  

so so so sad!!! pathetic is the word!!

sm,  June 17, 2010  


sm,  June 17, 2010  


BK Chowla, June 17, 2010  

More important is to find out as to who is bhind the piracy?
Still, law must take its own course

Bikramjit Singh Mann June 17, 2010  

wowo.. the question is will anything be done on this issue when all know law has been broken.. Will anyone do anything..

I doubt it .. the person who got the DVD will probably be made a scapegoat now ... :)

sm,  June 18, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
Lets hope BJP and hotel management pays to movie maker.

sm,  June 18, 2010  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,
yes they will find a Bakra , scapegoat.

Anonymous,  October 27, 2010  

Future PM of India Narendra Modi