06 May 2010

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Mobile Phone Advertisement Problem and Simple Solution

Mobile Phone Advertisement Problem and Simple Solution –
Reality Views by sm -

Now a day’s mobile phone is becoming a necessary tool for every one. It has already become compulsion to carry a mobile phone.
Reasons are many as our family members get relief that we are safe and they can contact us anytime for help or we can contact them for help, many reasons.

Every tool comes with some negative points, mobile phone also brings many problems and one of them is unnecessary advertisements from the mobile phone companies regarding ring tone advertisement, astrology advertisements like this many more.

So are you tired with all those advertisements - So do this simple trick it will not solve the problem , but it will give you satisfaction and little bit relief from advertisements

1st is you can register your number with no advertisement but my experience is that it does not work, its waste of time.

2nd idea is that, whenever someone calls us on our mobile phone, history is kept in our mobile phone,
Like this missed calls, received calls, dialed calls etc.

So now next time when you receive the advertisement from mobile operator, take that call. Disconnect that call.
And now go to options, received calls, and top most will be the number from where you received the call.
Now save that number like this advertisement number 1.
Please note that mobile companies use 10 to 20 numbers for advertisements, so once you save all these numbers in mobile phone,
Every time when you will receive the call regarding advertisement,
Your mobile will show you
Advertisement 1 calling, advt 2 calling etc and then you do not need to take that call simply disconnect that call by pressing red button.

This way whenever we receive advertisement calls, before hand, instantly we know that it’s an advertisement call and we can ignore that call and relax.


R. Ramesh May 06, 2010  

vallah very useful post ya abt ad nuisance..thanks for sharing..:)

sm,  May 06, 2010  

R. Ramesh,

chitra May 06, 2010  

one questions pops up...Is it possible to block that call. I can recognise a particular call which is disturbing me now and I don't take it.But it still disturbs...
I too had reg. for 'no disturb' mode but at present nothing works.

sm,  May 08, 2010  

i will try to write a post on this

Insignia May 08, 2010  

Its really a nuisance when such calls come and they do come only when we are busy doing something important or while sleeping!!

I do end up saving numbers like 'Blade', 'Dont pick', 'Headache' and such :-D

SM May 09, 2010  

another good idea , blade , headache
good one

RK,  May 14, 2010  

very useful post