03 May 2010

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Interview with the 26/11 Dead Terrorist Ismail Khan

Interview with the 26/11 Dead Terrorist Ismail Khan

Reality views by sm -

Today that is 3rd May 3, 2010; every Indian was waiting for the judgment in the trial of 26/11 accused Kasab.

When all this was happening I applied to Right to information department of Heaven and ask them about the terrorist who accompanied Kasab, The right to information department of Heaven, informed me that all the friends of Kasab who got killed in the Mumbai Terror attack are not staying in Heaven, but they all are staying in the Hell.

After knowing this, I applied to Department of Hell to allow me to interview the Dead terrorist, the friends of Kasab who helped him in that war against India,

As I am not a regular reporter, the department asks me did I have the recommendation letter from President Obama or Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh or someone who is has authority.
I informed them give me half an hour and I will get the letter of recommendation.
So I mailed to the Pakistani Prime Minister, President Obama and Our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.
I immediately got the reply from the President Obama that he will send me letter of recommendation after asking the Congress, Pakistani Prime Minister denied me permission, and then I saw the mail from the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh , he informed me that He needs to get the permission from madam as well as other political parties .

After this I knew that I will not get letter of recommendation.

As I was listening news , I saw the message mail from department of Hell , I got worried and opened it , when I read the mail I became happy ,
The mail mentioned that the chief of the Hell Department visited the Blog and when he saw the comments, he got impressed and said no recommendation is better than the comments on the Blog and they gave me permission to interview the dead terrorist friends of Kasab.

The mail said I should be ready within Ten minutes as their GPS system will locate me and just like Star Trek series I will be beamed, teleport transferred to the location of Hell where Dead Terrorist were kept.

I got my notebook, then suddenly I saw the light beaming on me and I got transported to hell.

There one of the guards of Hell informed me that Wait for a minute, then I will be taken to the nine terrorist to interview them.

Then another guard came and he took me to the punishment cell of Terrorist.

Firstly all the terrorist became happy and thought that I am from Pakistan , and came there to shift them into Heaven, but when I told them I am from India , they said sorry and few of them told me they are uneducated and only know Urdu language .

I do not understand Urdu language , but suddenly Ismail Khan , told me he knows English language , and I started my interview with the Ismail Khan .

Sm - Are you all happy after killing the Indians in India?
IK - No one can stay happy in Hell, as punishments are very harsh. We are sorry for killing Indians on the name of Jihad .

Sm - Why did you attack India?
IK - Pakistan is a poor nation, to support the family we accepted the money and also religious leaders told us this is Jihad and we will get Heaven and told us stories of beautiful girls, virgin girls of heaven so we accepted this offer, they tricked us and we all ended up Virgin in the Hell.

Then suddenly one of them started to cry as I ask him why he is crying?
He said all nine terrorist died Virgin and Hell does not have facility of sex for terrorist humans only heaven got the facility of sex.
Now they will stay all virgin forever.

Sm – I told him it’s shocking that you don’t know killing is crime,

IK - yes we knew that but our leaders said in Jihad everything is forgiven, and boys and males who do Jihad get the heaven and beautiful Virgin Females to enjoy in the Heaven.
But reality is that for killing on the name of Jihad is also not allowed.
We learned our lesson that no human has got right to kill other human for any reason including Jihad.

Sm – Please clarify me are you saying for Jihad also killing not allowed?
Ik - Yes it is not permitted, those bastards made us fools and they did not even pay to our family the promised money. I met my mom in Heaven who died without treatment in Pakistan; those bastards did not pay a single penny to our families.

Sm – Who gave you training to do terror attacks?
IK - Laskhar-e-Toiba's (LeT) Maulana Mufti Sayyed and instructer Fadulla trained us all.
On September 15, 2008 Zakiur Rehman selected 10 boys including Kasab and formed five teams for the 26/11 attacks. Kasab was my partner and our team was called as 'team VTS'.

Sm – I again asked them about Does really Heaven has a concept of Virgin girls?
IK – He said that there is no concept as virgin in heaven and the foolish people of earth believe in that, only in Heaven Sex is permitted and allowed, and Hell members are permitted if their performance and behavior is good they are permitted to enjoy sex.
He said all the females are pure always even after sex with multiple male’s
No human has got capacity to make any female impure created by the God.
And he said something created by God, how human can make it impure?

Sm – Yes I got your point IK, thanks for giving this information.

Sm – Do you meet any other Let Members in Hell?
IK - every terrorist, every person who kills on the name of religion and god, ends up in Hell, you will be surprised to know that even Hindus and Christians are also in Hell for the crimes related to the Religion. Everyday they beat us, spanks us with Rods and tell us God has not created religion, how dare you create the religion and follow it to murder the kids of God.

Sm – Do you know about Kasab?
IK – Yes we know about him.

Sm – How do you know about Kasab? What you know about him?
IK – As we did not see him in Hell we all knew that he is alive and my mom who is in heaven, told us Indian police captured Kasab alive and he is in Indian Jail.

Sm – What you think about Kasab Now?
Ik - Kasab is lucky , last 3 years He is enjoying Indian dishes, luxury food , and you Indians are treating him like a king , he is reading books, watching Indian Movies ,
Tell your government hangs him immediately so we will feel happy here in Hell.

Sm - sure I will tell them and write on my blog

Sm – Do you like Indian Movies?
Ik – yes we love Indian movies. We love Indian girls. We always dream about marrying them.

Sm - What you all wish now?
Ik - We just wish and want to tell all Pakistani people, please love the Indians, spread the message of love and friendship, don’t be fooled on the name of Jihad

We beg pardon from the India, we were fooled by the religious leaders, so kill them punish them, hate them, we were innocent kids and they made us into demons.

Disclaimer – The story is fiction and written by Sm for the entertainment purpose only.
No intention to hurt the religious feelings of anyone.


Dhiman May 04, 2010  

That was Hilarious ... nice imagination ....

Bikram May 04, 2010  

Very Well written.. the questions asked and the replies .. Wish people read this especailly the ones who are on way to HELL or the ones who are getting trained and all to do the same acts..

No religion teches killing of innocent people not even in COLLATORAL damage ... When will people understand this and STOP getting brainwashed..

Can you please ask them a question, WHat will they say if other religions got together and Bombed islamic places... here is a question for thought........

sm,  May 05, 2010  


sm,  May 05, 2010  


sm,  May 05, 2010  

thanks ,
sure i will try to add this and think on it .
very good question.

Samvedna May 05, 2010  

govt should listen to ismail atleast and hang kasab. Instead of spending 2 lakh perday on him, why not make the lives of the farmers of Vidarbha better

sm,  May 06, 2010  

Regarding Kasab case, India need to reform the laws regarding capital punishment .
Do not forget Still A.Guru matter is pending

Apanatva May 06, 2010  

ha ha ha ......
Good one.....

sm,  May 06, 2010  


Insignia May 08, 2010  

Hilarious but thought provoking!! Nicely done sm

SM May 09, 2010  


anupama,  May 14, 2010  

That was Hilarious

Mediacre Minds November 18, 2010  

Very well done, sm! We need more such posts.

sm,  November 19, 2010  

Mediacre Minds,,

Usha January 26, 2011  

sm, Wonderfully written fiction interview..so funny but great hidden message behind...super imagination...thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :D

sm,  January 26, 2011  


Unknown July 06, 2016  

How can u say that those let men didn't pay their family

SM July 08, 2016  

@Aryan Shukla
Please search the news reports and this is the fictional interview.