26 April 2010

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Change India; let’s make India Corruption Free Nation, Case Study – IPL, Indian Premiere League -

Change India; let’s make India Corruption Free Nation, Case Study – IPL, Indian Premiere League -

Reasons to Hate and Stop Watching Indian Premiere League Cricket Matches –

Do you agree that in India, corruption is the religion of India?
Do you want to see India corruption free nation.
Are you selfish or you wanted to do something for India?

Reality Views by sm -

Yes everyone wants to do something for India, but nobody is ready to join the politics, no body is ready to go to vote, nobody is ready to say no to entertainment for the sake and progress of India.

Are we Indians so much addicted that the company which is not doing anything for India, which is not paying taxes to India openly, and we Indians like a fool watch their games, we as Indian should reject IPL and after that I am sure IPL will start to pay taxes.

We Indians should feel ashamed that the Bombay High Court has to ask the government why IPL is not paying taxes to the state.

I do not hate cricket, but ask the question cricket is important or the progress of India and corruption free India.

If we Indians will keep supporting such companies like IPL I am sure India will never became corruption free nation.

What IPL has done for the nation, today Indian village people are uneducated so we people of cities can enjoy the more electricity, more water by doing theft of the electricity and water of villages.

If you and me we do not improve our life style , I am sure one day villages will make revolt against the state government as well as the city people.

Do not stay in the impression that Indian cities can accommodate unlimited population.

One day capacity of every city is going to end.

Just think, when we watch IPL matches, it gives reason for the other corrupt companies not to pay the taxes,

Just think if one person who is the rapist, found guilty and does not get punishment what will happen in that city?

No punishment to the rapist will indirectly send the messages that It is ok to rape the girls

What is happening in IPL?

IPL is a tool to convert black money into white money. IPL is a money making business.
IPL is a tool to get lot of money without doing any hard work , just invest money and earn the profits , it is said that IPL team may win or lose game, but it is guaranteed that each one makes the money.

40% Indians are living below poverty line, but remember if we apply German or USA poverty line method nearly 75% Indians are living below the poverty line.

On one website I read that in Germany if monthly salary of person is below 4000 or 5000 euro then he is considered as living below poverty line.
1 Euro equals to nearly 60 Indian Rupees.
4000 multiplied by 60 = 240000 Indian Rupees. Monthly Salary.

Our politicians say that Maoists, Naxals, Naga Militia are threat to India, but I do not see them as a threat ,
Real threat for India is Companies which do not pay taxes to India as well as companies who help make black money into the white money.

What is the life these naxal people are living , ever tried to understand why they became naxals ?
What will you do if tomorrow government comes and tells you get out from your home , forest , apartment ,we have sold this apartment to the company which will start its business in your home forest.

IPL matches are held day and night time also.
Our villagers are staying in dark , majority cities got the load shedding of 8 hours or 4 hours and we the people of city are enjoying cricket matches at night time.

Ever tried to find out does IPL is paying extra money for the electricity or they are getting electricity free of cost.

Per day electricity bill of IPL matches is more than 15000 US dollars.

Our farmers are not getting water and electricity and these IPL cricket matches get unlimited water to keep the cricket grounds green as well as electricity .

Farmers life is important or Cricket field is important , Cricket games can be played on the artificial grounds also.

The tragedy is that in India the beer is kept inside government warehouses and the agriculture products are kept outside .
And Agriculture minister is busy watching and planning cricket matches of IPL .

As a common Indian, don’t you feel the pain of villagers and don’t you hate corruption , dont you love India ?

I am not against the money making , but company which does not care for the common citizens of India , which does not care for the benefit of India , how can you watch the cricket matches organized by such type of companies .

IPL is the same company in 2nd season when went to the south Africa they paid lot of donations to schools and cities where cricket match was held ,
Then why don’t they pay to the Indians.

If we Indians collectively start to stop watching the IPL cricket matches I am sure IPL will learn to pay the taxes as well as will start the social fund for the welfare of India and farmers and villages .

If still you do not understand my point then I feel you do not understand the Indian independence freedom fight .

Money and Entertainment is important or The progress of India is important .

Who should get more electricity and water ?

IPL or farmers and villages ?

Ashamed to be Indian .

Lets Hope IPL will understand the pains of common man .


दिगम्बर नासवा April 26, 2010  

I am sure every true Indian want to see India as corruption free .....

BK Chowla, April 26, 2010  

Unless we change the present set of politicians, never can we make India corruption free

chitra April 26, 2010  

I stay in a small town , I would say it is a rural area and here many people do not even enjoy basic amenities. They are poor farmers toiling in the fields to feed the whole population. The drinking water supply in this part is only once in two weeks and we also have ample power cuts which stalls lot of work. Will it ever change?

Karthikeyan S April 26, 2010  

I Don't Like Cricket First, IPL Should Be Banned,
First Let as All Join Hands against politicians, if you take any Govt Department, First Preference is to money. Terrorists Who attacked on mumbai is way better that politicians, they killed Few peoples with Guns.. but polititions are Daily killing few million peoples by getting black money. First People Should think!

Lets Make a Brighter INDIA...

Anonymous,  April 26, 2010  


sm,  April 26, 2010  

दिगम्बर नासवा,
yes thanks, but still majority Indians watch the IPL

Maya April 27, 2010  

i dont watch cricket,
IPl is a good idea thats why its making money, and i m sure its providing employment to lot of ppl..
i dont belive in banning or in taxation, why dont we ban tv if we are worried about electricity..

every company works for profit and there is nothing wrong in that...

Anonymous,  April 27, 2010  

Hats off to your thoughts! Atleast from my side, I can vow not to go for IPL matches in stadium but wish things were more transparent within our government system. But atleast I can try to boycott it.. I support ur thoughts!

sm,  April 27, 2010  

BK Chowla,
thanks , yes you are right with this we need to reform Indian laws.

sm,  April 27, 2010  


sm,  April 27, 2010  

Karthikeyan S,
Ban is not the solution and yes we have to come together against political parties. yes you rightly said first we have to start the thinking process.

sm,  April 27, 2010  

This is the story of 70% Indians who are fooled by 30% Indians.

Admin May 01, 2010  

Well..yet another hard-hitting article. SM..you express it wonderfully well. I agree that we are wasting our precious time and energy after such things. Entertainment is good but as you said - there must be something for everyone. In this case, it seems to be missing as per your post. Hope it does not get repeated next time :)

Haresh May 01, 2010  

"If still you do not understand my point then I feel you do not understand the Indian independence freedom fight."

Yeh thoda jyaada ho gaya :-/

Please don't take it personally. You could have made arguments more logically than sentimentally :-)

While I do agree to many of your points, I don't agree with the way you argue for them.

Keep rocking and keep writing :D

sm,  May 02, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,,
Yes you said I do not bother about taxation, why then India has the Tax Department ?
Banning is not solution.

sm,  May 02, 2010  


sm,  May 02, 2010  


Insignia May 03, 2010  

Not possible unless politicians are clean and laws are reformed

sm,  May 03, 2010  

Thanks,yes we need to change the laws as well as reform them

sm,  May 04, 2010  

Its very important of Indian freedom struggle, in future i will write regarding that.
Thanks for noticing it .
and commenting on it. Cricket is very emotional topic and to go beyond emotions, i tried my best.

Unknown May 15, 2010  

Dear SM,
Your article is reactive rather than proactive. even then its not too late.At least after 3 years government opened the eyes. but had to wait till next year to collect the taxes .Is government making any arrangements to collect the tax for the IPL done in 2010 ? If so the people of india are lucky..

sm,  May 16, 2010  

thanks.regarding IPL and BCCI have written few articles i am here giving you link for 2 articles.



Anonymous,  September 28, 2010  

i really liked dis article

sm,  September 28, 2010  


Apanatva November 02, 2010  

Its allways a pleasure to visit your blog.......

IPL lot of ghotala there ............
BCCI is not behind ................
mind blowing article................


sm,  November 02, 2010  


Veerragavan N January 15, 2011  
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Veerragavan N January 15, 2011  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veerragavan N January 15, 2011  

I'm not taking sides here but whether it is companies or upper middle class when made to pay higher taxes, they just pass it on in the form of higher prices or lower salaries for people below that economic strata. Someone will eventually pay the price(not always with money, sometimes with life, lifestyle or medical or educational facilities,etc) which mostly lands on the poorest of the poor who are lower down in the hierarchy & there is always someone below you on this pyramid. Just to add to what the article brings across...! While bringing forth some excellent points & views, the solution or the conclusion which we arrive at turns out to be very superficial compared to the problem which runs much deeper & bigger. So the solution generally becomes the problem or another problem. Till I sat down, read & taught myself economics, finance & world politics,etc I also used to think or had many fancy/emotional/judgmental notions. But such notions hardly translate to or mean anything good for people below you(I mean on the economic hierarchy/scale). Saying money or greed is the root of all evil also doesn't help. Throwing any amount of money will not solve certain important problems like - population or hunger for more/better forever or the planet's carrying capacity limits or the looming effect of the above - global warming or per-capita consumption or exploitation. I've taken the way of researching & educating myself & getting to the root of the problem as much as I can. With time & information & effort & faith we can make an impact. I'm sure our generation is a lot more exposed & willing to do things but working as a group & networking with each other to form discussion forums & making use & spreading the word about RTI, etc is still something we can all start on. RTI is turning out to be a pricking thorn on the bureaucracy atleast if not the political/ruling class. Now the same bureaucracy & political class is trying to make that mechanism also impotent. Lets rise up against those things as well. I'm willing to do that & am doing everything I can in that direction.

sm,  January 15, 2011  

Veerragavan N,,