26 April 2010

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Know about Salil Chowdhury , and His Inspirational ,Copied Songs

Know about Salil Chowdhury , and His Inspirational ,Copied Songs.

Reality Views by sm -

Salil Chowdhury - Indian Music Director, Composer, Poet, Lyricist and Story-writer

Born November 19, 1922

Died September 5, 1995 (aged 72)

He composed for over 75 Hindi films, over 40 Bengali films, around 26 Malayalam films, and several Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Oriya and Assamese films.

He listened to the Western Classical collection like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, etc.
His daughter Antara Chowdhury sang in a movie Khoya Khoya Chand in a duet with Sonu Nigam
Awards Salil C. Received.-
• 1958 - Film fare Best Music Director Award for Madhumati
• 1988 - Sangeet Natak Akademi Award

English Songs Copied By the Salil Chowdhury

Movie Name - Do bhiga zameen (1953)
Song Name - Dharti kahe pukar ke
Copied from original Song - Meadowlands' composed by Lev Knipper.

Movie Name - Taangewaali
Song Name - Halkey halkey chalo
Copied from original Song - The Wedding Samba. By Edmundo Ros

Movie Name - Madhumati (1958)
Song Name - Dil tadap tadap ke
Copied from original Song - Polish folk song "Szla dzieweczka do gajeczka"

Movie Name - Chaya
Song Name - Itna Na Mujhse Tu
Copied from original Song - Mozart's 40th symphony.

Movie Name - Maaya (1961)
Song Name - Zindagi hai kya sun mere yaar
Copied from original Song - Theme from Limelight composed by Charlie Chaplin 1951

Movie Name - Half Ticket (1962)
Song Name - Aankhon mein tum
Copied from original Song - Dinah Shore's 1948 chart topper, 'Buttons and Bows'

Movie Name - Memdidi (1961)
Song Name - Bachpan bachpan
Copied from original Song - nursery rhyme, 'A-Tisket, A-Tasket'

Salil Da made the copies so wonderful , so much Indian , Salil Da was great.

Memdidi is an excellent movie.


radha April 26, 2010  

Oh, I thought all these were original. But he made such good 'copies' that we can appreciate them even now... unlike the Anu Malik ones.

Apanatva April 28, 2010  

Indians can be fooled so easily............

sm,  April 28, 2010  


sm,  April 29, 2010  


Insignia May 03, 2010  

I love that song "Dil tadap tadap ke" from Madhumathi and I am pleasantly surprised that its a copy

sm,  May 03, 2010  


kk,  May 03, 2010  

great songs never thought they were copied

Unknown August 03, 2014  

Can you tell the Hindi version of " O mor Moyna go"

Unknown May 13, 2017  

Although we call these 'copies', let's also remember that in all such songs, only the opening tune (The 'Mukhada')of the song is copies, while the rest of the song entirely is newly composed. This however, doesn't affect the genius of these great composers who were quite gifted and talented in their own right. For every such 'copied' song, there are numerous original compositions by these music directors, which are just gems.

And let's also not pass any loose comments like 'Indians can be fooled so easily' as if Indians are a stupid lot, while others (Read 'western') people are highly intelligent.

SM May 20, 2017  

@Souvanik Talukdar,
@Shashank Divekar,

Unknown December 14, 2019  

Perhaps the only genius among indian composers.....these inspirations from classical or folk surely cannot be said to be copies for that matter Chaplin's LIMLIGHT is a direct lift from Tchaikovsky s Piano Conserto No 1