14 November 2009

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Something To Share - A Deepawali Greeting Card From MNS

Reality Views by sm -
Just something I wanted to share with all the Blogger Friends.
This year I received many Diwali Greeting cards from Blogger friends
There are few greeting cards which are special for a Blogger, Blog Writer and here I am just sharing with you one of such Deepawali Greeting Card.
A Deepawali Greeting Card from MNS which I received.
To See Large Image of Greeting - Click On the Image


Admin November 14, 2009  

Nice one..buddy :)

Chennai travels November 14, 2009  

From past 8 months politicians started their new way of advertising. Thats through internet. They are now promoting their parties through Internet.

sm,  November 14, 2009  


sm,  November 14, 2009  

Chennai travels,
thanks for visiting the blog and comment.

BK Chowla, November 15, 2009  

sm good one,but how can he send greetings in English?He should be writing in Marathi.

Prasant Naidu. November 15, 2009  

good one SM, Kudos.

Keep Rocking,

sm,  November 15, 2009  

Prasant Naidu.,

Insignia November 16, 2009  

Thats a nice gesture, but shouldn't they be sending it in Marathi?

Anonymous,  November 16, 2009  

Maybe they like your blog?

Neha November 16, 2009  

BK chowla and Insignia already asked the question I wanted to ask...

and has he read your post on himself which you posted last month? I guess not..

Half Indian November 16, 2009  

Wonderful design, lovely greeting card!

sm,  November 16, 2009  


sm,  November 16, 2009  


sm,  November 16, 2009  


sm,  November 16, 2009  

Half Indian,

sm,  November 17, 2009  

Why not Marathi,
I will just say it is a game of Politics and Business.
Last sixty years what congress is doing same hand and same problems and same answers.

sm,  November 17, 2009  

We Indians have to ignore such demands we all should only pay attention to introduction of new laws and amendments to laws which will benefit all Indians.