13 November 2009

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India , Independence and Hindi Language Problem

India , Independence and Hindi Language Problem -

After Reading all the comments on my post,

MNS slaps Abu for taking oath in Hindi Language Problem

I felt that I need to write the history of India ,Independence and language problem so one can see it clearly and understand it properly.

This language problem is not started by MNS , the history goes back to 1937 and before that also

The original language of India is Sanskrit and the script is called Devanagiri.

But later on Muslims from Afghanistan invaded India we know them as Moghuls,they used Persian Language, Mughuls used to refer India as Hind or Hindustan because of river Indus. The language spoken in ‘Hind’ was called by them Hindi.

As years passed on a new language emerged Urdu which used the words from
Arabic and Persian and was written in Perso-Arabic script which was used by Moghuls.
As Moghuls started to use Urdu and it replaced the original Persian language in India.

Urdu and Hindi this way started to live side by side, rulers were titled in Urdu language as Shah, Nawab or Nizam. While in Hindi they were called Raja or Maharaja.

Later British people came to India , and slowly English became the official language of India, British rulers also kept Urdu as the official language.

When we got Independence, India was divided and the Pakistan was created.
Pakistan made Urdu their official language.

That time Jawaharlal Nehru supported Hindi language as the official language of India.

The people and states who did not spoke Hindi thought that this will end there language and end of language means end of culture.

The Rajasthan language movement has been campaigning for greater recognition for the Rajasthani language since 1947.

In the year 1937, India was ruled by the British People and there were presidencies, there was one presidency called as Madras Presidency.

At that time British rulers established elected local governments in the provinces.

Madras Presidency was a province today we know it as a state of Tamil Nadu and few part of Andhra Pradesh.

In the year 1937, Madras Presidency was ruled by the congress government under 

C. Rajagopalachari.

Rajagopalachari.[ Rajaji ] made Hindi a compulsory subject in schools.

That time Tamils opposed Hindi imposition , and Sir A. T. Panneerselvam 

and E.V. Ramaswamy ( known as Periyar or "the Elder one") organized anti-Hindi imposition protests in 1938.

Pannirselvam was a member of the Justice Party, India. He was an alumnus of Cambridge University. And was the Home Minister in the Government of Madras.

Pannirselvam and Periyar both opposed the Hindi imposition and more than 1200 people including women and children were imprisoned and two people lost there lives in that protest.

The slogan "Tamil Nadu for Tamilians was first raised in 1938 in protest against the introduction of Hindi in schools.

In the year 1940 British Government withdraw the rule of teaching Hindi in Madras state.
Periyar was very intelligent politician , Periyar gave a warning in a 1926 article of the Kudi Arasu that Hindi would develop as one of the dangers confronting the non-Brahmin community and that it would help only religious propaganda by the Brahmins.

In another editorial of the Kudi Arasu in 1929, he questioned the wisdom of spreading the knowledge of Hindi, a language that had no connection to Tamils and was of no utility, an Aryan language that taught only superstitious legends and customs and the superiority of Brahmins. 

That time Periyar said that Hindi would destroy their culture and nullify the progressive ideas.
The Academy of Tamil Culture passed a resolution seeking for the continuation of English as the official language. The resolution was signed by C.N. Annadurai, Periyar E. V. Ramasamy and C.Rajagopalachari.

That time many people said that Hindi was spoken by more people so Hindi should be National language , but Annadurai intelligently answered that ,
"If we had to accept the principle of numerical superiority while selecting our national bird, the choice would have fallen not on the peacock but on the common crow"
Annadurai said that , Hindi was a regional language like any other. It had "no special merit"; in fact, it was less developed than other Indian languages and less suited in a time of rapid advances in science and technology.

As drafted, the constitution provided that Hindi and English were to be the languages of communication for the central government until 1965, when the switch to Hindi was mandated. 

The Official Languages Act of 1963, pursuing this mandate, said that Hindi would become the sole official national language in 1965

With DMK declaring January 26, 1965, as a day of mourning, the stage was set for unprecedented turmoil in independent India. 

A moderate Rajagopalachari suggested Part XVII of the Constitution containing the section on the official language of the Union, “be heaved and thrown into the Arabian Sea”, while DMK announced its burning.

That time students feared that if suddenly the change was made from English to Hindi they will lose all the jobs and everything and if you do not know Hindi, you will never get a good decent central government job. Their mother tongue was Tamil. 

English was the medium of instruction in the colleges and universities.

In the two months of anti-Hindi demonstrations and rioting which followed in Madras, more than sixty people were shot in police-firings, and unofficial reports placed the number of deaths as high as three hundred. Two young men poured gasoline upon their bodies and immolated themselves. 

Hindi books were burned, and the Hindi signs in railway stations were defaced or ripped down. 

All colleges and high schools were closed, and the students' demonstrations gave way to the mob violence of rowdies. Near Coimbatore, two policemen were beaten to death by a mob and their bodies burned. 

In Madras City, the police lost control as mobs burned railway cars and looted stores. 

The brutality of police-firings and lathi-charges only deepened resentment, and, if the rioting threw Tamilnad into a state of shock, it too opened the wounds of deep frustration and expressed a more general discontent."

On 10 December 1946, these were words spoken by someone in our house,
People who do not know Hindustani have no right to stay in India. People who are present in the House to fashion a constitution for India and do not know Hindustani are not worthy to be members of this assembly. They had better leave.

Hindustani Language means a language which is made up of, which is mix of Hindi and Urdu languages.

The case for Hindi to be the national language of India was bitterly opposed. T.T. Krishnamachari of Madras said,
I would, Sir, convey a warning on behalf of people of the South for the reason that there are already elements in South India who want separation..., and my honorable friends in U.P. do not help us in any way by flogging their idea of "Hindi Imperialism" to the maximum extent possible. So, it is up to my friends in Uttar Pradesh to have a whole India; it is up to them to have a Hindi-India. The choice is theirs.

After this a conference of Congress leaders, cabinet ministers, and chief ministers of all the states was held in New Delhi in June 1965. Non-Hindi-speaking states were assured that Hindi would not be imposed as the sole language of communication between the central government and the states as long as even one state objected. In addition any of the Scheduled Languages could be used in taking examinations for entry into the central government services.

On 11 February 1965, after the resignation of two Union ministers from madras, Lal Bahadur Shastri announced in All India Radio that he would fully honour Nehru's assurances that English would be used as long as people wanted. He also gave the following assurances.

“ Every state will have complete and unfettered freedom to continue to transact its own business in the language of its own choice, which may be the regional language or English.
Communications between one State to another will either be in English or will be accompanied by authentic English translation.

The non-Hindi states will be free to correspond with the Central Government in English and no change will be made in this arrangement without the consent of the non-Hindi States.

In the transaction of business at the Central level English will continue to be used. 

All India Civil Services examination would continue to be conducted in English rather than in Hindi alone.

Indian constitution says that English and Hindi will be the official languages of India.

Article 354 specifies that the legislature of a State may by law adopt any one or more of the languages in use in the State or Hindi as the Language or Languages to be used for all or any of the National purposes of that State.

1980 - Karnataka - Gokak agitation

The government of Karnataka appointed the one committee .This committee was headed by the V.K. Gokak ,he was the former vice-chancellor of Karnataka University.

The job ,duty of the committee was that analyze and study the linguistic issues that were raised regarding the importance of various languages, including the state language Kannada and other languages such as English, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Urdu. The report given by the committee recommended that the Government provide first language status to Kannada and also demanded the primary facilities that the language needed at the time.

But government ignored this report, there was no indication that government will implement that .
After this the agitation was started and famous personalities from Kannada chalavali world including G.Narayankumar requested the Rajkumar of the Kannada film Industry to join that agitation. And Rajkumar accepted that agitation and kannada film industry stopped its film making activity and started state wide rallies .

When chief Minister R. Gundu Rao saw the support of local people to this agitation, the government declared that they accept this Gokak report and would ensure all the primary facilities that the language Kannada deserves as the mother tongue of the local people as well as the official language of the state of Karnataka.

Gokak agitation was a successful language rights agitation in the 1980s that fought for the first language status of the Kannada language in the state of Karnataka, India.

Reality views by sm -


RNSANE November 13, 2009  

Thank you so much for this very detailed and informative report which I read with a great deal of interest. I will need to go over it again, of course, as there is so much content. It does give me a better understanding of the issues regarding languages in your country. I am amazed, though, at the amount of conflict and, even, bloodshed!

Hanvant November 13, 2009  

I agree, India imposed HINDI on rajasthan and this is killing Rajasthani culture and Rajasthani Language... if we dont wake-up now it will be too late.... we are against indian colonial rule and opposing this. We need our Language otherwise no need to live in UNION OF INDIA.

BK Chowla, November 13, 2009  

Again,I will say that the seeds of this problem were sown the day Nehru decide to divide States on linguistic basis.

vinod saraswat November 13, 2009  

we rajasthani are struggling for recognised of our mother tongue. govt. of india by force imposed the hindi. our politician were also involved in this consipiracy. now we rajasthani not surrender the our language in favour of hindi. we will continue fight against indian colonial rule and as well as we will raise this issue in united nation. because govt. of india and bureaucracy neglised our demand. so that as soon as early possible add the our mother tongue in 8th schdule of indian constitution. otherwise we will take the action against govt. of india. jai rajasthani.

Balvinder Balli November 13, 2009  

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing. But i fail to understand that how does a language improve the plight of a community. Our focus should be on development of our country as a whole and we should rise above these language barriers.

sm,  November 13, 2009  

thanks i tried to cover important points in short.

Admin November 13, 2009  

Well, looking at some of the comments above, I am in a state of shock. I do not understand - How can a language destroy any culture? Look at the English language, it was forced on us by Britishers but did it destroyed our culture. I think No. Infact,it has added variety to our culture and made our country recognized globally. What I believe here is that yes we should give proper recognition to the regional languages but to say that Hindi is being forced to them or to say, Hindi is not acceptable - cannot be justified by any means. I strongly believe that Hindi and English languages are the two languages which can unite us at anytime. So, others should better know it and should stop complaining again...

l-carnitine November 13, 2009  

India imposed HINDI language as the National language on every states of India. Rajsathan is no exception from it. It is the universal liability of the
Rajsathan to accept out national tongue. Here culture is not important.

Hanvant November 13, 2009  

@ Balvindar :
Do you think it is possible to think beyond langauge barriers. I know you working for RBI. This is the RBI which have space for all the Indian languages but when Central asked for Rajasthani language to put on INDIAN currency they said that there is not enough space there.

Why it is so unfair with Rajasthan, It is because Rajasthan is always with UNION OF INDIA to make it strongest and developed country. But if you see, Rajasthan has done so many sacrifices but this state is still poorest and underdeveloped in UNION OF INDIA.

Why all other states are allowed to use their language and Rajasthan is not allowed ?

Just think about protecting culture, Rajasthan is with rich cultural value and a MARWARI have enough capability for development and business. This is all from his Language and tradition. If INDIAN govt kill that language and tradition or culture, then it automatically kill everything.

@ Aswin : Dear in british rule, education system and language of all the princly state of Rajputana was Rajasthani and that was the same case in most of other part of Indian princly state. Also see, British was using local languages with english.
@ I-Carnitine: Sir, first check indian constitution. HINDI IS NOT A NATIONAL LANGUAGE. If it is UNIVERSAL liability for Rajasthan to go with hindi only then ask other state to surrender their languages and accept HINDI. DONT Think like UPWALA bhaiya... if it is a force by indian govt, then we have to think in different way... I need our Rajasthan, freedom where Rajasthani will be NATIONAL LANGUAGE.

Jai Rajasthan, Jai Rajasthani

Hanvant November 13, 2009  
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sm,  November 14, 2009  

vinod saraswat,
yes i agree with you it should be included in the 8th schdule.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

Bk, i agree with you that the division of state on language was the biggest mistake of Nehru.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
i understand what you are saying but we have to remember that politically India is uneducated.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

the option of English was kept open for this reason only that Hindi is not accepted.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

thanks for comments in my next post i will try to answer all questions otherwise i will answer them here, on few points i agree with you.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

I will request you say anything but do not demand separation, try to educate people to vote, how to vote,
This is not mistake of India; this is mistake that in your state your politicians are not good and they are selfish and our bad luck is that in India majority politicians are selfish. And educated people are also selfish , and people do not care to vote and give us good leaders and law makers.
Why your politicians do not force central government to include Rajasthani language in the 8th schedule.
Regarding language our constitution gives full rights to state government to make laws.
Regarding name on note please be practical, what is in the note and name.
I will suggest you should read this my post regarding black money.
Below is the link

Admin November 14, 2009  

@Hansa - Thanks for your input but let me ask you one question - Are you an Indian first or a Rajasthani? Please forget the past and live in present. Let us be one on everything. United we stand and divided we fall.

Balvinder Balli November 14, 2009  

Dear Hansa,

The republic of India has 28 states:

Andhra Pradesh ;
Arunachal Pradesh ;
Assam ;
Bihar ;
Goa ;
Gujarat ;
Haryana ;
Himachal Pradesh ;
Jammu and Kashmir
Karnataka ;
Kerala ;
Madhya Pradesh ;
Maharashtra ;
Manipur ;
Meghalaya ;
Mizoram ;
Nagaland ;
Orissa ;
Punjab ;
Rajasthan ;
Sikkim ;
Tamil Nadu ;
Tripura ;
Uttar Pradesh ;
West Bengal .

There are also seven union territories:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands ;
Chandigarh ;
Dadra and Nagar Haveli ;
Daman and Diu ;
Delhi ;
Lakshadweep ;
Puducherry .

I have put their names in this fashion just to give you an idea that if the languages claimed by all these states be published on the Indian currency note then you can imagine that what will be the size of the currency note.

This is my personal opinion as a citizen of India and has nothing to do with my organisation as such.


Balvinder Singh

vinod saraswat November 14, 2009  

mr. ashwini and all indians, we rajasthani were first indian but govt. of india open the door for all bull enter the our state and hijacked the maximum vacancy of state and also in private sector. last since year our youth face the problem of jobs. because rajasthan are free for every one easily employed here. our students fights among all over india. is it justiified? all the compettions must be engulffed with in state. but rajasthani students fight the competition with all over india.

vinod saraswat November 14, 2009  

mhaare rajasthani me ek kebat hai ke gud bina choth kisi? so bhaai logaa bina rajasthania re india ne unite kikar raakh sakola? jathe baldaa gaadi ni puge. bathe rajasthani poog jaave. duji baat bharat ri economy me rajasthania ro loontho yogdaan hai. rajasthani jathe bhi jaave, bathe ri bhasha sanskriti ne angejle. bathe ri sarkaari nokryaa me daakaa ni ghaale. ito hi ni rajasthani businessman, industrilist bathe raa logaa ne rojgaar deve ar un state re vikas me aapri mahti bhoomika nibhaave. isaa loga ri bhasha ne bharat sarkaar maanyata kyu ni de reyi hai? 200

vinod saraswat November 14, 2009  

bhai balvinder ji farmaave ke sagi bhashava indian currency par kikar aa sake? in ne meh bhi samjha. pan 8th suchi me to 22 bhashava hai. note par to 15 bhashavaa ij chhap reyi hai. bhaai balvinder ji ri mayad bhasha ne to bharat sarkaar maanytaa de raakhi hai. mhaare saathe aa dubhaant kyu? mhaaraa rajnetavaa desh bhagti ar hindi ne panpaavan saaru raj. vidhan sabha su sarvsammti su paas karan me 55 baras lagaa diya. pan abe laarle 6 barsaa su raj. vidhan sabha su paarit prastaav ne cental govt. dabaa raakhyo hai. in me kadei rbi aadi deve to kadei upsc keve ke mhaare kaam badh jyaasi. aakhar jad sanvidhan ri 8th suchi me 22 bhashavaa hai. tad 23th rajasthani vaaste iti jej kyu? bharat sarkaar ne kin baat ro dar hai? kyu ni rajasthani bhasha ne 8th suchi me bhel"r jas laabh loonte. kyu rajasthani loga ri in maang jiki laarle 63 barsaa su chaal reyi hai. ne ansuni kare? kyu rajasthani jodha ri bhujaave ne fadkaave? kyu? aakhar bharat sarkaar rajasthania re kin saroop ne dekhno chaave? kisi boli samjhe bharat sarkaar? aa bataave. meh rajasthani bhi abe sarkaar ri jabaan me baat karaa tad mhaane dosh kyu?

vinod saraswat November 14, 2009  

jad bharat ro sanvidhan ar desh raa dujaa log jad hindi ne national language ni maane to mhe rajasthani kyu maanaa? mhe to in su puri taryaa aanti aayodaa haan. ar mhaare kantha su abe phool ni jhare. kavita ri ek baangi dekho saa.

हिन्दी री हैवाई छोडो, भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।
परभासा रै भूतां नै दूधै रौ तेज दिखाद्यो रै।
भासा मायड़ बोलो रै, राजस्थानी बोलो रै।

छाछ लेवण नैं आई आ तो घर री धिराणी बणगी रै।
रोटी-रूजगार खोस्या इण तो दफ्तर्यां में छागी रै।
भासा मायड़ बोलो रै, राजस्थानी बोलो रै।

साठ बरसां सूं छाती पर मूंग दळ रैयी
संस्क्रति रौ करियो कबाड़ो रै।
इण रौ बाळण बाळौ रै, इण रै लांपौ लगाद्यो रै।
भासा मायड़ बोलो रै, राजस्थानी बोलो रै।

पांच परदेसां रै पांण आ तो रास्ट्रभासा बणगी रै।
जबरी पोल मचाई इण तो समझ नाथी रौ बाड़ो रै।
फरजी डिगर्यां ले-ले आया धाड़वीं, नौकर्यां कब्जाई रै।
इण रौ नखरो भांगौ रै, राजस्थानी बोलो रै, भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।

जद बाईस भासावां संविधान सीकारी, रास्ट्रभासा कुणसी रै ?
राजस्थानी री बळी लेय'र आ तो हुयगी राती-माती रै।
इण नैं थोड़ी छांगो रै, इण री कड़तू तोड़ो रै, राजस्थानी बोलो रै।

जागो ! छात्र-छत्रपती, खोल उणींदी आंखड़ल्यां।
देद्यो नाहर सी दकाळ रै, धरती धूतै,
आभौ गरजै, धूजै भारत री सरकार रै।
छांटा-छिड़कां सूं नीं बूझैला आ मान्यता री आग रै।
छात्र-छत्रपती जागो रै, भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।

छात्र-छत़्रपती जागो रै ! ओ लूंठा सेठां जागो रै !
ओ बीकां, जोधां, मेड़तियां, सेखावतियां, सिसोदियां, सिहागां जागो रै।
थै क्यूं लारे रेवौ ? गोदारां मीणा भील-पड़िहारां रै ।
जात-पांत रै टंटै नैं छोडो एकमेक सुर सूं भरो राजस्थानी हुंकारौ रै।
भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।

साठ बरसां सूं उडीक रैया कै भारत रा भाग्यविधाता टूठैला,
पण घोर खेंच सूती सरकार सत लेवण नैं अड़गी रै।
इण री घोर खोलण सारू बजावो राजस्थानी धूंसौ रै।
राजस्थानी बोलो रै, भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।
हिन्दी री हैवाई छोडो, भासा मायड़ बोलो रै।
-विनोद सारस्वत

sm,  November 14, 2009  

thanks good quote
United we stand and divided we fall.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
thanks for giving all information about the states.

sm,  November 14, 2009  

vinod saraswat,
thanks for comment.
I will say just find the answer who is law maker and who can change that ?
do not blame India and do not be fooled by politicians.
Already once they fooled Rajasthani population with promise of reservation.I am sure you know it and for that India is not responsible, responsible person is law maker and politician who fooled the population of Rajasthan.

Insignia November 16, 2009  

It was a huge mistake when they tried to divide the states on linguistic basis.

Hanvant November 16, 2009  

@ SM : dear sir, Rajasthan assembley already recognised Rajasthani as a official langauge in 2003. since that we are waiting for central to approve the praposal. Now we can say this is not state govt fault, this is fault of central govt. LK advani once in parliament told that there are lots of languages in INDIA, if I accept this praposal (he was home minister) then there will be demand from ohter language speakers to incluede their languege. Bull-shit this central govt. they dont want Rajasthani to be another languege just becaue they can include this under HINDI and show to world and to other part of INDIA that hindi is biggest language of the world. It is not, Actually if we see data of Rajasthan, Pakistan Kashmir (guajari), afganistan (gujari) and some other part of worlds including nepal then Rajasthani is the biggest language of the world. No double this is not currupt language because of ignorance from Indian government.

Hari Taparia November 16, 2009  

very well said, 100% agreed with above statement, keep it up....

Hanvant November 16, 2009  

@ Balvindar : Dear, if India have so many of states and so many of UT. then INDIA must de-recognise all the state languages and treat everyone in equal... Then we can say that this COLONIAL rule is equal to all

Sonu November 16, 2009  

@ashwani i like ur question which u asked 2 hanvant.
everyone know the answer
we r surely an indian first & den we belong 2 state but y the hell we(Rajasthani) shudn't have our have our language which is accepted by government

sm,  November 17, 2009  

thank for your comment, then why not BJP government staged strong protest like DMK, as a Indian we have to accept first the fact that all political parties are same and one, for there own benefit they are fooling the Indian population, British people use the policy of divide and rule, now with same laws , our people are fooling us.
Only for the name sake they are different political parties ,this has become a business and in business no one is your enemy, the motto is earn profit, motto is earn votes and get chairs.
When we will rise above our language and religion only then we can get what we want, otherwise we will waste our time fighting, we have to solve other important problems, food, water, poverty, corruption, child marriage, etc.
It’s the failure of your state government to do what your people want, if Karnataka and tamilnaudu can get what they want, why you can not, it’s your failure of your state government.
Most important point is that they keep these problems burning to hide there failures and bad deeds.
So Be United, and focus on Black deeds and failures of Law makers.
I again say it do not be fooled on these problem. Keep Rajasthan alive in your heart and home and area and cities, it will never die, it does not matter other people love it or not, as a Rajasthan you love it and you preserve it that is more important.

sm,  November 17, 2009  

thanks.But be honest and tell me when people of Manipur are killed do you feel pain,
When people of Nagaland die ,face problems do you feel pain,
Do you even watch there news.Do you even see there problems mentioned in Our National news channel, or other news television shows.
We say we are Indians and We do not know what is happening in our India.
We are politically Uneducated People, we know nothing about democracy.

sm,  November 17, 2009  

thanks for comment.

sm,  November 17, 2009  


Hanvant November 17, 2009  

@SM: Thanks SM, do you know. Last month I was in Rajasthan. I noticed that most of people avoid talking in Rajasthani. They prefer to talk in HINDI. This is not good for future of Rajasthan. IF you also know that most of Rajasthani familes are speaking HINDI with their children. Regarding your reply to sonu, yes it hurts us, when we see this kind of things. We all are human first. Our religion based country (HINDOSTAN) is very important for us. But there should not be any force or colonial kind of rule by central on any part of india. All should be equal and should have rights to think about their own region. please see link below:

Balvinder Balli November 17, 2009  

I will appeal to all those who are arguing over petty matters like "language" to please go and stay for one winter at Siachen Glacier along with our jawans who may be belonging to different states, castes and religions but who belong to one Army that is Indian Army. You will forget all the languages and will remember only the 'language of survival'.

Hanvant November 17, 2009  

Dear Balvidar, Most of the Rajputs from Rajaputana are in army. They are serving INDIA and dieing (known as SAHID) just for nothing. If India occupy any land they give it back but if pak or china do that we loose that part. Its totally unfair everywhere. After getting Shahid these politician play on that matter like issuing any benefit to his family etc etc... non ending list.

Any way regarding language, why you punjabi demanded for your language to be recognised and why this is the state language of Punjab ???

I dont understand why you INDIAN always against Rajasthani. You all united for yourself and your benifit but everytime when it comes for Rajasthan. you people oppose it.

sm,  November 18, 2009  

Balvinder Singh
very few Indians will understand your appeal.

sm,  November 18, 2009  

India is not against anyone.Rajasthani is already state official language, in future it will be added to 8th schedule also once it gets recognised as Distinct language.
All the delay is because our lawmakers are slow in working.

Hanvant November 19, 2009  

@ SM: We all indian understand sir, but law should be equal to all. not like it is right now. where law for muslim is diff and that for HINDU is diff. same with statewise as well. If some states have more rights and power then they must be more responsible for everything. Other states who dont have rights are like slave of UNION govt.

Rajasthani is praposed to UNION, and they are already rejecting this since last 6-7 years. Since after that, Konkani, bodo, nepali and many others are included. WHAT SHOULD WE THINK OF THIS?

SM,  November 21, 2009  

This takes time, there are rules regarding this, currently as per my information they are making research regarding that.
Do you think if this language matter is important than food,jobs and health.
IF You think yes then I am sorry then you or me one is wrong and he does not know the meaning of democracy.

shilpa,  November 24, 2009  

Thank you so much for this very detailed and informative report

Norman Dowling December 09, 2009  

Thank you for such a comprehensive post. It is always impossible to please everybody, and I sympathize with those who did not have their main language selected to be India's official language. At the same time, I see a great benefit in having one official language. I grew up in Ireland, another country which was ruled by Great Britain for many years). As a result of that occupation, the irish language was almost eliminated (it was illegal to speak it during British rule). When Ireland achieved its independence, there was a whole generation who did not speak Irish as their first language. The government has tried to re-introduce irish, by making it an official language (along with English), and my requiring that it be taught in schools. Sadly, it is still not very common to hear a conversation in Irish in Ireland. India still has its own language, after occupation, so it is better off than Ireland.

But again, thanks for the incredibly detailed post.

sm,  December 09, 2009  

thanks for visiting and sharing information about Ireland.

Anonymous,  January 11, 2010  

u know wat when i meet my friends from other states like gujarat,maharashtra or tamil they just speak in their language n this makes me think of my mother tongue that is rajasthani..even my friends here in pune had a discussion on rajasthani language..most rajasthanis nw speak hindi and have forgotton their traditions and culture..mhane ghano rovan aave hai kadi mhara rajasthan ra condition mate..there should me a mass movement to unite all rajasthani people from across rajasthan and also india and then launch a mass movement against hindi language in rajasthan wh is destroying our mother tongue..like the gujjars had done..just love my rajasthan n hope to settle in my native place falna in rajasthan n contribute to my land..we rajasthanis were the base of the indian economy..our marvaris were the banks during ancient times which contributed alot to india..lets unite and fight against INDIA's colonial rule.

sm,  January 12, 2010  

first we should worry about that millions of Indians sleep daily without food.
yes langauge problem is there,but it will be solved tomorrow or day after tomorrow

Anonymous,  January 12, 2010  

hy sm government is doing alot for millions of indians who sleep without food..n my family n my community,we give donations every year for such people i.e. our brothers so that they get food...compared to india some years ago now the condition is improving alot..but for rajasthani language we need to worry alot..else may be it will be too late..$

Anonymous,  January 12, 2010  

hy vinod saraswat aapne ghano chokho poem post kido hai...$

sm,  January 12, 2010  


sm,  January 12, 2010  


dd,  February 11, 2012  

Get RID of ALL languages other than English. I am an Indian and We Indians or any other country for that matter NEED no language other than English. And all those idiots who want to go to war for the sake of Rajasthani. I ask you what Buddha asked when two Indian kingdoms were about to fight over water. Is blood more important than water or vice versa? Similarly, is language more important than your blood? STUPID to think so. Your current mother tongue is an accident of history. It was not the mother tongue of your ancestors. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages (including English and German and Irish and Rajasthani) Where is Sanskrit now? Even though Sanskrit speakers would have shown lingual patriotism to Sanskrit, it is a dead language today. Similarly the language that you are showing lingual patriotism to may not exist a thousand years from now and all the blood that you plan to shed for it will be a total waste. Even the English of today didn't exist 100 years ago. Just try and read Shakespeare and you will understand that English of today was not the English of yester years. So STOP being STUPID and get rid of all languages other than English. It is the easiest language to type and most suitable for computers. We need no other stinking language including HINDI, TAMIL, KANNADA, GERMAN, IRISH, RAJASTHANI, etc etc.

sm,  February 11, 2012  

Hindublog thanks.

IndianTechtonicPlate April 23, 2016  

Rajasthani First !!! Bol abhi