11 November 2009

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MNS slaps Abu for taking oath in Hindi

MNS  slaps Abu for taking oath in Hindi

The Maharashtra Assembly witnessed unruly scenes when Maharashtra Navnirman Sena [MNS] MLAs beat up Samajwadi Party's Abu Asim Azmi for taking oath in Hindi instead of Marathi.

After this the resolution moved by parliamentary affairs minister Harshvardhan Patil to suspend Shishir Shinde, Ramesh Vanjale, Ram Kadam and Vasant Geete was approved by voice vote.

Reality Views by sm -

Abu Azmi spoke in Hindi, he took a wrong decision, but on the other hand our constitution of India gives him this right to speak in any language.
So Abu Azmi has not made any mistake, but on emotional ground he has made a mistake.

MNS opposed to take the oath in Hindi language they have warned about that, but they do not have right to beat him or touch him.

What MNS should have done?

MNS should have taken help of lawyers and should have proposed that a Law should be made in Maharashtra that it will be compulsory for every Member of Legislative assembly has to take the oath in Marathi Language.

After this Shivsena and BJP would have definitely supported it and this law would have been passed.
Still the time has not gone, they can do this.
Everyone should remember that this is not Taliban Raj; we will not accept Hindu or Muslim Taliban rules.

MNS has full capacity to win the 2014 Loksabha elections and form there own government without the help of any other political party.

But they have to learn to accept that this is Democracy, No educated person will accept your Taliban Hindu Rules.

So we hope in future MNS will see that they remember that India is a democratic nation.
You may not like valentine day but you can not beat the youth who like it.
You may not like English, but you can not make people obey you and follow Marathi.
One should not forget the history of our God Shivaji Maharaja, his son Sambhaji also learn many languages.

I see many people say Marathi is dying and there own children are studying in English schools.

Do they have any right to order others that send your kids in Marathi Schools?

I do not think they have any right to order other parents.

Now it’s in the hand of Raj Thackeray to become the leader of largest party or to stay and remain a small party in Maharashtra.

As every action is watched carefully from the youth of Maharashtra, as there is no hope from any other political party, otherwise in next elections also without any wish and desire people will go and vote for the congress.

Now the question is Does MNS will try to make such law in Maharashtra where taking oath in Marathi will be made compulsory lawfully.

As per the constitution it allows the making of such laws in state.

Below is the photo of 4 MLA who beat Abu Azmi


RNSANE November 11, 2009  

This is quite a controversy, isn't it? I can understand that one does not want a native language to die out. Are not both languages taught in schools? It is good to require oaths of office to be taken in the language of the realm, I believe.

Anonymous,  November 11, 2009  

I agree with you. I also wrote about this, and argued with some commentators that there should have been an effort to make marathi speaking compulsory in state government, if the MNS was so worried about it. What Azmi did was not against the law, what MNS guys did is.

Anonymous,  November 11, 2009  

But I feel that if every state starts making languages compulsory than we will have hardly any free movement in the country. Then everybody will stay in their own home states and nobody will marry out of their state. Then slowly Bollywood will either turn to making Marathi films or move to Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon which are coming up quite well.
Then Maharshtrians who are living in other states will also start coming and settling down in Maharashtra and gradually we will all live in the states where our ancestors came from.

This doesn't look like a solution to me. I think we should have cultural programmes, good libraries, opportunities for learning local languages, along with other Indian languages, and intermingling of cultures... unity in diversity...

Admin November 11, 2009  

Brother..I was almost sure that you will be speaking on this issue. This is one of the shameless incidents in my opinion. To beat a person because he spoke in Hindi - Hey..This is just too much. Don't know what has happened to these people? Where is our country heading towards? Is there anything such as human right? To be more specific - What crime did he do if he spoke in Hindi? Hindi is such a beautiful language and most importantly, it is our national language. I don't know why these so called leaders politicize each and everything?

This is our India..huh !! Being in Maharashtra myself, I must say that this issue of language has saddened me the most. I myself too had to suffer in the past because of this. And when you ask reasons for it, people come up with things like culture preservation and blah blah which I believe has no justification as such. If a person speaks in hindi then how on earth it destroys the culture of any place? You don't want to give job to the outsiders, you don't want others to speak in hindi, you don't want others to celebrate valentine's day..Who are you to decide that? Why the hell do you interfere with my fundamental right? What right have you got to assault me in a public place? Why do you see me as an inferior to others? why? why?

Everyone has the right to work and live anywhere in India. And everyone has the right to live his life in his own way because our constitution says that and must remember - No one is above our constitution !

sm,  November 11, 2009  

yes you are right.

sm,  November 11, 2009  

In Maharashtra assembly he should have taken oath in Marathi, but MNS should have used the peaceful ways like taking oath in Marathi with Abu, or singing Vand Matram with him.

sm,  November 11, 2009  

I understand your point of view,but today also Indian population is not so much educated Politically to understand what is democracy.
Here religion and caste and mob rules.
How much people may try but there will be migration always.

sm,  November 11, 2009  

Yes I agree with you no one is above our constitution, this is reason I said make a law to take oath in Marathi in Maharashtra Assembly which they can do if they want to solve this problem permanently.

manju November 11, 2009  

This whole problem has its roots in the creation of Indian states on linguistic grounds. That was a big mistake.

By doing so our founding fathers ensured that these sort of controversies would take place.

sm,  November 12, 2009  

thanks.yes this way they ensured that there will be always a vote bank

Sudhir Kekre November 12, 2009  

A good and balanced post.I think this whole episode smacks of opportuism rather than any real conviction. can you believe it half the MLAs of MNS send their children to english schools!

sm,  November 12, 2009  

Sudhir Kekre,
Yes I know it , thanks for mentioning that.
this is reason i already said do not have right to say others study in Marathi,and also we are democratic nation We are free to do what we want lawfully.
But politically We are still uneducated.

Swatantra November 12, 2009  

I was looking forward for your thoughts on this.. and you have not disappointed me thanks for the same.. Nice thoughts..

I really wonder when they will know the meaning of hindi hai hum watan hai hindustan hamara...

BK Chowla, November 12, 2009  

MNS going physical was a mistake and they must be penalised for it.
Point is different.The seed of this problem was sowed the day Pt Nehru divided the states on linguistic basis.It has taken 50 years for get the fruits.
Even now it is not late.It is high time that the nation took corrective action.

Neha November 12, 2009  

you said it all here...agree with u on this totally..

Balvinder Balli November 12, 2009  

The MNS activists say that speaking of Marathi language in Bombay will result in upliftment of Marathi Manoos. I just fail to understand that how the forcing of local language on non marathis will uplift the marathi manoos.

Insignia November 12, 2009  

I don't quite agree with you when you say MNS should have hired a lawyer to propose a law to make it compulsory for all MLAs in Maharashtra to take oath in Marathi.

By doing that, wouldn't they snatch away the right to freedom? Its mentioned in the constitution that the oath can be taken in any of the officially recognized 15 languages of the country.

If they get that right; wont each party in every other state want to do the same? What happens to India as a country?

sm,  November 12, 2009  


sm,  November 12, 2009  

yes i fully agree with now we are getting fruits.
it is very difficult to correct this problem now.

sm,  November 12, 2009  


sm,  November 12, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
For this we have to understand the politics, this is the game of politics and language this game was started by congress and as BK said we are getting fruits In other states this problem they faced and got the solution and in those states nothing is more important than there local language today.

sm,  November 12, 2009  

in your question the answer is hidden, you are mixing two different problems, here the problem is not about freedom, Constitution gives the right to state government that state government can decide in which language the state government should work, as Maharashtra local language is Marathi then state should do its business and work in Marathi language.

Everymatter November 13, 2009  

agree to your view but i think we should try to integrate india and save it from disintegration by the politicians

sm,  November 13, 2009  

yes you are right, we have to work towards integration.

Insignia November 16, 2009  

But isnt it like digging our own grave? If one state appeals and gets the go, don't you think everyone else will follow suit with already language problems and other things?

sm,  November 17, 2009  

yes its like digging our own grave when we divided our states on language that day only we have started our march towards that grave.Only through debates and understanding meaning of democracy then only we can solve it.

Raj Kumar November 17, 2009  

Fyi India doesn't have any national language..Hindi and English are the official languages..What MNS did was wrong but I should say that Mr Azmi did provoke the MNS..

Raj Kumar November 17, 2009  

Azhagiri was refused to answer questions in tamil in the parliment. Do you support the action of the loksabha speaker??

kumar November 17, 2009  

@Balvinder Singh
How do you feel when your friend who has come to your house for a week stay, changes the favourite channel you are watching??

sm,  November 17, 2009  

Raj Kumar,

sm,  November 17, 2009