18 November 2009

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India – Do you think you know India has a National Language? –

India – Do you think you know India has a National Language? –

Update 26/1/2010 - Now its official that Hindi is not our national language says Gujarat High court.

Reality Views by sm –

Do you think you know India has a National Language?

Does India Have the National Language?

Does Hindi is the National Language of India?

Official Language - Constitutional/Statutory Provisions

• Article 343(1) of the Constitution provides that Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the Official Language of the Union.

• Article 343(2) also provided for continuing the use of English in official work of the Union for a period of 15 years (i.e., up to 25 January 1965) from the date of commencement of the Constitution.

• Article 343(3) empowered the parliament to provide by law for continued use of English for official purposes even after 25 January 1965.

• Accordingly, section 3(2) of the Official Languages Act, 1963 (amended in 1967) provides for continuing the use of English in official work even after 25 January 1965.

• The Act also lays down that both Hindi and English shall compulsorily be used for certain specified purposes such as Resolutions, General Orders, Rules, Notifications, Administrative and other Reports, Press Communiqu├ęs; Administrative and other Reports and Official Papers to be laid before a House or the Houses of Parliament; Contracts, Agreements, Licenses, Permits, Tender Notices and Forms of Tender, etc.
Census of 2001 reported that

• 29 'languages' have more than a million native speakers

• 60 have more than 100,000

• 122 have more than 10,000 native speakers.

States Who got Hindi as there official language –
1. Uttar Pradesh

2. Bihar

3. Jharkhand,

4. Uttarakhand

5. Madhya Pradesh

6. Rajasthan

7. Chhattisgarh

8. Himachal Pradesh

9. Haryana

10. Delhi.

Does India Have the National Language?

Does Hindi is the National Language of India?

As per my own view India has no national language.

Hindi is not the National Language of India.

Neither the Constitution of India, nor any Indian law defines any national language.
The constitution provides that all proceedings in the Supreme Court of India, the country's highest court, shall be in English.

The Indian constitution does not specify the official languages to be used by the states for the conduct of their official functions, and leaves each state free to, through its legislature, adopt Hindi or any language used in its territory as its official language or languages.

The official language of the India is Hindi and English.

After Our Independence Nehru Tried to Enforce Hindi On nation but they failed and English also remained as our Official Language.

Constitution of India gives full right to state government to fix there own regional language as there working official language.

Example- the state of TamilNadu has Tamil as its sole official language and the state of Karnataka has Kannada as its sole official language

The government of India has given 22 "languages of the 8th Schedule" the status of official language.

So if you think Hindi is our National Language then in future we will have to say India got 22 national languages.

National language can be official language, but official language can not be a national language.
National language is one where all the people have same mother tongue.

A language can be a national language when it shows connection of 100% population of that nation with that language.

In India we do not have any such relationship with any language which is accepted and spoken by all the Indians. In India it all depends in which state you are born and in which school you study.

What is official language?

Official language is one in which central government can correspond with state governments regarding working of the government and official business.

Many countries where there are more languages in those countries central governments choose word official language and do not choose word national language, as if they try to use word national language there are 100% chances that nation will see itself divided into the smaller nations.

After Indian Independence Congress Tried to Enforce Hindi and make it slowly our national language but they failed and English also remained as our official language with Hindi as they saw strong protest from other states where Hindi is not mother tongue, where Hindi is not the main subject, main language in the schools.

Just think for a second when we got Independence if Tamil or Marathi or any other language person would have become Prime Minister of India, which Language he would have made the official language?

The language is used by political parties for there own benefit. Divide and Rule was the policy of British Rulers and today our law makers also do the same, Divide and Rule.

It’s good for political parties to keep the simple problems pending for more and more years. So Indians will never ask and talk about accountability or corruption.

We are so fools we do not understand once accountability comes on politicians all the problems will be solved quickly.

Today relationship is like this on the day of vote I am king and I am allowed to choose my master for next five years and when the master is chosen I have to accept and live like a Dog or Donkey for next five years or up to next elections then he may become corrupt or cruel master.

I will just say India does not have National language, We Indians have official languages and we should never try to fix the national language for India.

Language is there to understand each other, after our death also languages will stay and grow and languages also die as we humans make the progress and new methods are found to communicate.

Update - 26 Jan 2010 -
Now It is official that Hindi is not our National Language.
Gujarat High Court. observed that in India, a majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script, but it's not officially the national language.

With this observation, a bench headed by Chief Justice S J Mukhopadhaya refused to issue directions that packaged commodities must contain details about goods in Hindi.

No notification ever issued by the government could be produced before the court in this regard. This is because the Constitution has given Hindi the status of the official language and not the national language.


dr.rajesh moganti November 18, 2009  

hi realityviews!
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Admin November 18, 2009  

Hi SM, thanks for the clarification. I myself was unaware of this fact on having Hindi as our national language. IC..Hindi is not the national language of India. But still I believe the problem hasn't been solved. People are still fighting in the name of the languages which I believe is getting worse day by day. Its high time that we respect all other languages and be united for each and everything.

Dhiman November 18, 2009  

Thank you for the detailed information as usual I was aware that India does not have any 'National' Language.... and these politicians always want to remove the spotlight from the main problems. You and I know it will not make any difference with languages but still these politicians make it a issue and waste our resources & time ....

Balvinder Balli November 18, 2009  

Very informative post, SM thanks. India is made up of many religions, cultures, and languages. Demographically and geographically also it a diverse country. I think that ads to the beauty of this wonderful land. Let us remain united and make our diversity as our strength.

BK Chowla, November 18, 2009  

sm,I was not really aware of this.Thank you

lostworld November 18, 2009  

wow..you always manage to come up with a social topic well-researched! very well said.

sm,  November 19, 2009  

dr.rajesh moganti,
thanks for visiting the blog,sure i will visit to your website.
I hope through comments we will increase awareness.

sm,  November 19, 2009  

Yes you are right, everyone is responsible for this mess, as no one is ready to spread correct knowledge and information about our history.

sm,  November 19, 2009  

yes they are wasting our time.

sm,  November 19, 2009  

yes they are wasting our time for there own personal benefits and gains.

sm,  November 19, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
thanks. you said it everything

sm,  November 19, 2009  


sanjana,  November 19, 2009  

I was not really aware of this.

qnc jelly gamat December 20, 2016  

thanks for the nice and helpful information