20 November 2009

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20/11 PUNE AND Mumbai Terrorist Attacks on IBN Lokmat Offices

20/11 PUNE AND Mumbai Terrorist Attacks on IBN Lokmat Offices
Is This A Terrorist Attack?
Today IBN Lokmat a news channel offices were attack by Few Indian Terrorists in Pune and Mumbai.
I do not see there is any difference between 26/11 attacks.
On 26/11 they attacked on our freedom.
Today on 20/11 again they attacked on our Freedom.

Chronological Incident –
1. Around 4 pm - The attackers / Terrorist invade into the IBN north-east Mumbai’s Vikhroli
2. They Slapped the Females in the office and shout that they would not accept reports criticizing the Shiv Sena.
3. Armed with sticks and bats, the attackers damaged furniture and fittings, glass partitions, OB (outdoor broadcasting) vans and electronic equipment.
4. The attackers/Terrorist threw a chair at Nikhil Wagle, IBN Lokmat's editor-in-chief, and tried to punch him and beat him.
5. Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut, executive editor of party newspaper Saamna, admitted to the attacks and called them justified.
6. Rahul Narvekar, head of Shiv Sena’s legal cell, refused to aplogise for the attacks and said his party was a defender of Marathi Asmita.
7. Eight Shiv Sena workers were arrested in Pune for damaging an IBN7 OB van and pelting stones at the channel’s office in the city.

Make the new law , introuduce new punishments. This is bailable offence so they will eaisly get away with this.
But I am sure we will cry for a day, and again everyone will forget about this attack.
As we forgot about the Valentines day attacks.

Do you think such parties should be banned ?
Should we Ban and Declare the Shivsena as a terrorist party of India ?

Muslim Taliban also say if you say or criticize things against us you will be punished, same way
Shivsena Sanjay Raut said , if you criticize shivsena they will beat that person or punish him like Shiv Sena style.
Where is Democracy in India ?
This is appeal to USA and world media, declare this as terrorist attack and try to ban them.
Ashamed to be Indian
As per my own personal definition yes this is the terrorist attack but as we can not punish any attacker, I am sure we will not punish any of this criminal

Watch the Terrorist attack on IBN LOKMAT
20/11 Pune Mumbai attacked by Terrorist

Watch the Video IBN Lokmat employees capturing the Attackers or Terrorist-


Anonymous,  November 21, 2009  

thanks for video.
sorry for anonymous comment

Admin November 21, 2009  

Yet another shameless incident. Don't know what to say after looking at these videos. Total Jungle Raaz. An attack like this is an attack to democracy..no doubt. Hopefully right justice will be done but then no doubt..these things will continue to happen..really shameful!

sm,  November 22, 2009  

we hope justice will be done,
justice delayed is justice denied.
thanks for comment.

BK Chowla, November 23, 2009  

It is murder of democracy.
But,media must also show some restrain,they must not go over board with a particular news line to please some other political block.