06 November 2009

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India -Parliament Standing Committee proceedings not open for media

India -Parliament Standing Committee proceedings not open for media-
Reality Views by sm -
Congress Government said that it is against throwing open proceedings of the
Parliamentary Standing Committees before media as it could hamper free discussions of issued besides creating logistical problems.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister P K Bansal told the proceedings of the Standing Committees should not be thrown open to media because the quality of debate and discussion that goes on in the committees may suffer due to it.
Parliamentary Committees are of two kinds: Ad hoc Committees and the Standing Committees.
These type of committees decide the future of India.
Who is India ?
India is me and you.
They will decide our future and they say I and you do not have right to listen and know which committee member said what,
They said this will stop the members from doing there correct job.
What correct job ?
Its not your own company, its not your private business , you are the servants of India, and India is the master of this servants , but agony and pain is that this master fears the servants , and servants say we, Indian masters do not have right , we are not capable to understand what is happening.
You are not there to earn money, you are there to show your education and studies and say truth which may be against your party leader or any company,
When you decide our future why we can not listen and know who which parliamentary committee member is saying what ?
As we Indians are not aware about all these things our speed of the progress is very slow,
Once we understand how the machinery works ,how the system works then we can pressure the government, but when we do not know how the machine is working then how we will repair that machine if it breaks down.
We need to repair the system and for this we need to educate each other.
Example –
A Parliamentary committee member on television says he will oppose the increase in the tax, and when he goes inside and supports the tax , we the Indians will never know.
Who cheated us ?


Neha November 07, 2009  

well, I know what P K Bansal is saying is violating our constitutional right, but don't you think our media has disgraced its reputation by exaggerating so many issues..

BK Chowla, November 07, 2009  

I don't blame Congress for such acts.They are the ruling party and will do what suits them.Blame lies with
1 Media...who are losing their credibility.
2 Opposition is missing
And we deserve all this because we are used to colonial style of functioning.

sm,  November 07, 2009  


sm,  November 07, 2009  

you are 100% right.