08 November 2009

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How to achieve the Rank one in Exams like IAS or IPS or CAT Exam or win the Gold Medal in any other examination

How to achieve the Rank one in Exams like IAS or IPS or CAT Exam or win the Gold Medal in any other examination
Reality Views by sm –
Whatever we see, we hear or listen or see everything is recorded inside our mind, brain is the number one computer, or CPU of this world.
No computer can beat it.
But still you and me, we keep forgetting things, in exams or many times simple things we forget and do not remember them at the right time when we need them like in exam
Many times we hear that students who do not remember anything in the exam hall when they are answering the question paper, but when they come out of the exam hall, they remember everything.

So now question is why this happens everything is in mind, stored in our hard disk of brain but still we do not remember.
For me I think reasons are tension and we are not paying attention and developing that skill to improve our memory.
As we got this computer free of cost we do not pay attention to that part.
Where everything is stored in our brain.
We need to train our mind and brain regarding this memory uses.
People say that I am not intelligent; he is more intelligent so he remembers all,
Truth is that we all got same power of memory, example is what his eyes can see, you can see, what his tongue can test you can test, then why your memory?
So its clear now that we all have same memory, important part is your friend has developed that skill and you have not developed that skill.
How we will develop this skill.
The most important thing is that, reading and writing with understanding again and again,
2nd is once you remember it all , you need to service it again and again, once your remembered it all does not give you guarantee that on the right time you will remember it all.
So take the notebook and make the habit of writing down what you have remembered while watching your cricket match or television show.
I am sure if you will do this after one week, you will realize you are forgetting few words and lines, this is reason you need to service it again and again.
If you got ipod or recorder, then when first time you are reading the chapter, read it loudly and record it, this way next time you do not need to read it, just start the tape or ipod and listen it again and again. Currently mobile phones also have facility to record thousands of songs, so use it and record few hundred books and carry them all the time with you, if you are in bus or in train you can start that and listen it while you are traveling.
Best way is do not be shy, learn to read loudly as much as possible, while reading make a habit to write it down, pay attention to every spelling and word if you do not know the meaning of any word get the dictionary and know it, write down that word hundred times with meaning so you will remember it forever.
Do not study without knowing the meaning of word and its spelling.
It’s very important, this way when you will start, you will realize once you know more than one thousand words you will find times of India also uses only same words again and again.
Never read or study without knowing the meaning of word and its spelling.
If you want to remember your study material its must and compulsory that you know the meaning of words and spellings.
Once you will follow my first idea of Loud Reading with writing and testing your memory after one month, and again servicing your brain, again loud reading and writing this way, you will never forget anything.
Keep servicing your brain monthly basis. Make it a habit. Test it , read it and keep repeating again and again, first time you may have to repeat the whole book hundred times,2nd time it will be 90 times, 3rd time you will see that in just 50 times you remembered it all and like this it will become one day one time repeat and you remember it all.
That is your servicing, repetition time will be reduced from hundred to one.
You will test your brain and if do not remember, just read once and you will remember it. For this Repeat and Repeat and test and test this way only you can remember it all.
After doing this, while doing this I will suggest if you got friends, tell your friends to challenge you, to test your memory and this way when you will do it, will help you lot, if you are male and if you will do, play this game with female friend, this will make you more aware and if you make any mistake, and if she corrects it you will never forget that study chapter,. So if you got group of friends don’t feel ashamed to ask girls to participate or challenge you, even girls should not feel ashamed to invite boys to test each others knowledge.
Mix study is the best way of studying.
Mix study group is best group where there are girls and boys both study together.
If you like the movies then associate your every study chapter with one movie and think that CPU is Aamir khan from the movie lagan, the virus is British people like this study and you will never forget it.
If you are cricket fan same way you can do it Cpu is Bret Lee and Virus cleaner is Sachin Tendular like this you should associate everything with something which you like, just use your imagination , make a story line of your study books in your memory and you will win the Gold Medal in any exam.
In short again I will again tell you follow the following steps while studying and you will score rank one in every exam and will be winner of Gold Medal.
Steps are
1. Reading Loudly and recording books in mobile phone or ipod and listen them
2. While loudly reading , write it down in notebook.
3. Imagine and make a story of your every chapter associate it with movies, music and cricket anything which you like
4. Study in mix groups and study with girls.

There is no easy way out Practice and Practice will make you perfect.

Where there is will, there is way, there is no excuse my friend without hard work and pratice you will never get a gold medal or will never get a first rank in your any school or collage examination or IAS or IPS or cat exam.

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Anonymous,  November 09, 2009  

makes sense...

good tips..

sm,  November 09, 2009  


Admin November 09, 2009  

Very interesting and informative post. I like the way you pointed out everything in detail. Yes, I completely agree to your theory on reading loudly and writing everything. I remember when I was undergoing my higher studies, I used to do the same as what you have mentioned. Learning by writing is one of the best ways to learn things and its really sticks to your memory for long and so its very easy to recall anything. Now you may laugh at this but one of my cousin brothers had a very unusual habit of reading in the toilet. When I asked him the reason for this, he said that Toilet is a very peaceful place and it becomes much easier to remember things read in a peaceful environment. Don't know what you have to say on this???

sm,  November 10, 2009  

yes Toilet is also good place and many people find it peaceful to read there
It looks funny but if he is getting results and others do not have to wait outside, then its good. Otherwise situation will be you can imagine.
thanks for sharing.

lostworld November 13, 2009  

QUite right !!! Practice makes perfect.
Also, learning by rote doesn't help. Making an attempt to learn it on our own helps in the long run. As you said, everyone has the same brain.

sm,  November 13, 2009  

thanks practice makes perfect.

Deepak,  June 14, 2010  

Thanks sir..
i like your article very much.
specially this one.
i will try these steps and will tell u my experience.

sm,  June 14, 2010  


Unknown April 06, 2011  

Thank you for your helping hand

Anonymous,  June 16, 2011  

thank u for giving good tips this can help very much

sm,  June 17, 2011