06 November 2009

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The Story and Crime of Chief Minister - Madhu Koda

The Story and Crime of Chief Minister - Madhu Koda

Name - Madhu Koda

Birth - born January 6, 1971 in Patahatu, West Singhbhum

Fathers Profession – Farmer

Madhu Koda education - he did his matriculation from the zilla school, Chaibasa, and his graduation from Utkal University in Orissa through a correspondence course.

Madhu koda likes to visit Bangkok regularly.

His father wanted his son should become Policeman, but he became politician.
His wife ran away in the year 2004 with the Engineer.

Madhu Koda started his political career with the All Jharkhand Students Union.

In the year 2000 BJP, Bharatiya Janata Party gave him the election ticket to contest assembly elections from Jaganathpur and he won that election.

After that under the Chief Minister Babulal Marandi, he became the Panchayati Raj Minister.
In the year 2005 BJP denied the assembly election ticket to Madhu Koda.

Then Madhu Koda contested as an Independent candidate and won from Jaganathpur
After that He supported the BJP led government and got the post of Minister of Mines and Geology.

In the year 2006, Madhu and other three independent legislators withdrew support to the Munda government, and with the Help of United Progressive Alliance
He became the Chief Minister.

Koda resigned on August 23, 2008 from the post of Chief Minister.
On 10th Oct 2009, he was charged with laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores.In nationwide raids by the Enforcement Directorate, assets allegedly worth Rs. 4000 crore — almost a fifth of the annual budget of the state he once ruled — were unearthed. Among others, these assets were reported to include hotels and three companies in Mumbai, property in Kolkata, a hotel in Thailand, and a coal mine in Liberia.

He has been booked under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) along with three of his State Cabinet colleagues Kamlesh Singh, Bhanu Pratap Shahi and Bhandu Tirkey, besides five others.

Koda is also alleged to have purchased mines worth 1.7 million dollars in Liberia, after he became chief minister of the mineral rich state in 2006

His investments are alleged to be spread from Singapore to Thailand to Dubai to Liberia.
Income tax department officials said after the searches that some documents showed about Rs 100 crore in foreign exchange being sent by hawala transactions to Dubai, Thailand and Malayasia.

Now Mr.Koda got admitted into the hospital. To delay the arrest, he is suffering from stomach pain. We do not have any law regarding this if criminal does drama to stay in a hospital and if doctors support him ,by declaring him sick, don’t you think we need a law to punish that doctor ?

This incident of Chief Minister Koda clearly shows that our laws are weak, how easily a politician can make money, and today koda has no family support so he got caught.

Did he ever get punished under our law, now what will happen. Even it’s possible that koda will suffer natural death to save the big company officials.

Anything is possible in India.
A case will start from local court, high court and then supreme court this way it will take more than 20 years to be decided, in this time slowly witnesses will run away, the files and documents will run away and at last there will be a little punishment like 1 or 3 year or no punishment at all.
We need to introduce news laws; our law system is based and made by our British masters to rule the slaves.

How can we accept this system and these laws?
Did you ever see any political party demanding introduction of laws like accountalbility for law maker, Politicians.

Do you remember the case of politician Sukhram, he was also found guilty under corruption charges, the local court found him guilty after 13 years and he has filed appeal in the higher court and its still pending. So 13 years this corrupt politician was outside jail and he enjoyed life.
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Photo of Madhu Koda with Shibu Soren


RNSANE November 06, 2009  

Very interesting post. It often takes a very long time for justice to be served...and, frequently, guilty parties are never held accountable. It is sad, isn't it?

Apanatva November 06, 2009  

so true Regarding our politics and judicial system lots has to be changed . But how when and who will take the step is a big question ?

BK Chowla, November 06, 2009  

If I know any thing about Jharkhad politics,Koda will come back with thumpimg majority,all poltical parties will want his support,he will come out on bail,he will extend support to the Govt and cases against him will remain in the courts.

Admin November 06, 2009  

It is truly shocking to know all these facts. Well, I am not interested in this dirty politics. God only knows what will happen to this country :( Koda is just one example and I don't doubt if there are many others involved in the same. And now this fellow gets hospitalized for stomach pain..he shouldn't be allowed to escape at any cost and should be made to pay a heavy price for what he did to this country..Yes, law and judiciary system needs to be revamped and should be strictly applied on each and everyone otherwise be prepared for more Kodas..

ovais November 06, 2009  

nice info..thanks

sm,  November 06, 2009  

thanks it takes so much time that punishment becomes useless.

sm,  November 06, 2009  


sm,  November 06, 2009  

yes if he stands for elections he will win.

sm,  November 06, 2009  

thanks SC of our country also said same God knows what will happen.

sm,  November 06, 2009  


sm,  November 06, 2009  


Anonymous,  November 09, 2009  

This is an informative post, I wanted to read the details ...! Thanks.

Today I read a limerick on a blog about his stomach pain and the financial gains ;)

sm,  December 01, 2009  

Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda was arrested by Enforcement Directorate (ED)after he didn't respond to the second notice issued against him to participate in an investigation related to a Rs 4000cr multicrore money laundering scam.

Dipika,  December 11, 2009  

Very interesting post.

Unknown May 20, 2017  

Can you enlighten me about Madhu Koda scam court matters status? I will appreciate.

SM May 23, 2017  

@jagdish pathak
@dipika thanks.