03 May 2009

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Vote for Party or a Good Candidate:

Vote for Party or a Good Candidate:

This is very confusing situation for every voter.

I came to see and realize that many people in India say that vote for party without thinking about the candidate, his background and education to the candidate whom party has given the election ticket.

This is totally wrong concept to vote for party.

Majority times you can see that parties give tickets to there relatives or loyal candidates who may be corrupt .

In India parties are run like a hereditary property and business .
Just like ,The son of Ceo becomes Ceo,the son of manager becomes manager and son of office boy becomes office boy .

Lets find out how to vote and to whom vote party or candidate.

Let’s study one example:
Suppose party C has a good manifesto but party C gives ticket to a candidate who is criminal or rapist because he can use his power and win the election.
So in this case will you say that a voter should still vote for a party C.?

Example 2:
Suppose Party B has a manifesto which voter do not like ,
he feels this manifesto will end up breaking India but This party B gives ticket to very honest person so in this case
Do you think he should vote for Party B?

Example 3:
Suppose voter decides to vote ,then checks the names of the candidates who are standing for election and comes to know that 1st candidate is corrupt 2nd candidate is rapist
3rd candidate is uneducated never went to school 4th candidate is deshdrohi 5th candidate is murderer .

so in this situation to whom a voter should vote?

In India situation is that every party has their own manifesto and the member of party has to follow that rules he like it or not he has to vote accordingly as per party orders. An elected candidate can not go against party .He has to obey the party orders and his leader,high command.

In a first example do you think this criminal candidate will do anything good for his city or his nation, will he ever go to parliament or study and propose good laws.

In a 2nd example
do you think this honest person can change the manifesto and policy of the party .No he can not he has to vote and support the wrong policy of party.

In 3rd situation
voter will stay home he wont go to vote. For this situation we need right to recall the candidate as well as none of the above options on ballot machine with rule that if none of the above option gets votes more than 51% or 51% then in this there will be new election with new candidates and all those candidates will lose to stand for elections 2nd time .

Only and best solution for voter is that

he should check the candidate,his education and vote for him he is educated .
2nd rule for voting is that vote for new candidates only .

Never vote for 2nd time candidates who stand for election .When elected member of parliament has not done anything in 1st five years as member of parliament he will never do any good work in next 5 years.

A dog tail remains same, whatever one does it will not change.

So best option is always vote for educated and first time candidate who is not above the age of 65.

Because BJP or Congress they have same agenda. And regional parties also have same agenda, to win few sits and then do a business with that few sits for the support.

To form coalition government in the centre.
Government of India will never fix retirement age for politicians but you as a voter should fix the retirement age for politicians in your heart.

So vote for good independent educated and first timer who is trying his hand at elections because he has shown courage to standup for you and me.
A party can not change its ideals when someone joins the party it means that he accepts the ideology of that party .

A person may say he believes in non violence but if he joins violent party this means that he supports the policy of violent party to beat the people and take law in hands of party .
Joining a political party is like a marriage. When ever there is a conflict between marriage there is divorce .Marriage stays only until there is agreement and same thoughts and vision. Husband and wife both have to stay on the same vision and same path as soon as one changes his path, vision there is divorce.

In this way a ideology of political party becomes supreme and
currently in India our national parties don’t have any ideology , all national parties have same ideology ,do or die but get the chair do blackmailing or corruption but get the chair. .
“One person can make a difference and every person should try.”
That person is a candidate who is standing for elections for first time, in whose family history, he is the first one and he is educated is the best and ideal candidate to select.

Don’t vote for party or caste or religion vote for new,educated,young candidate only.
If still you feel vote for party is correct then make a rule that the political party has a future vision for India like economic reservation, retirement age for politicians, accountability for politicians, and party who is ready to give it in writing and making affidavit that they will fulfill there promise and or pay fines .The party which is ready to give their manifesto document a status of legal document like a sale deed or marriage agreement or Agreement to sale .
Currently party manifesto, there agenda and promises have value zero.
They don’t have any liability or accountability .

In last 50 years these parties have not made any changes, do you think now they will make changes?

“What has once happened, will invariably happen again, when the same circumstances which combined to produce it, shall again combine in the same way”

Reality views by sm:


madhu,  May 03, 2009  

never thought this way keep writing

muthu May 03, 2009  

you are absolutely right and every one of your words hits the bull's eye....

Do read my own article on the subject and post your comments..


BK Chowla, May 03, 2009  

Everything else apart,it is essential that we all must vote.Gradually,actually voters are looking at the candidate and not the party.Parties are almost like Pvt Ltd Cos.Family is the boss(directors) and is assisted by experienced people to take care of Legal matters,Finance,Marketing,PR,(now called ministers in cabinet).Also,let us remmember that the Director is never the principle officer of the co.There alwaysis a front man(?)
I can write volumes on this ,but please let us vote

sm,  May 03, 2009  

muthu read your article and commented on it nice article.

sm,  May 03, 2009  

Bk yes i agree with you there is always a front man .

vinny May 04, 2009  

vote for candidate only:)

Dmanji May 05, 2009  

In the choice between party and candidate it should always be the candidate becuase your voting for the candidate not any symbol he represents. Thats why this time Jaangaraha and others are putting up info abt. the candidate. Becoz if you vote for the party and the person changes his party what happens ? And if you donot like any of the candidates then still u have to vote as per present situation but organizations are trying to change the law for including a "None of the above" sort of option.

sm,  May 05, 2009  

vinee and demanji hope we will get none of the above vote option.yes only independeant and first time candidates can save the india .for others it has become profit making family business.

Kirtivasan,  May 11, 2011  

I am of the opinion that we must vote for candidate and not party. Especially in today's circumstances.

So what if there is a hung parliament? Let the MPs decide how the government should be. Let them work out.

India will win if you vote for a good candidate.