04 May 2009

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India says goodbye to Voting

Reality views by sm:
India elections 2009 A tragedy or a comedy show:
India says goodbye to voting.
What we learned in this elections as an Indian.
Indian democracy is for rich by rich and a comedy or tragedy show for common Indians.
Salman khan and Pretty Zinta did not vote I don’t know reason I request you when you will support them or watch there movies remember this they didn’t vote for common mans India.
Even Common man of India is shameless, they came they killed us but you slept and enjoyed movies or visited to goa and London to enjoy on the eve of voting day.
Shame on India.
How our parliament will now look?

Now our parliament will look like this all rich people or gundas will be our member of parliament. You will say so what?
Now what happens is that if he is gunda, CBI and police department obey him and they will follow his order and he will continue to do his bad activities and get relief from courts, judiciary as investigating departments will obey and do as he orders.
Now if rich man becomes Member of Parliament what he will do?
He will see that he tax choris , tax cases and frauds be legalized. 2nd is he will get all locations, lands at such a low rate that you can say it is as good as free.
Example is if someone gets land of 1000 crore from government of India in just rupees
200 crore or 40 crore what you will say?
3rd ly he will build the big hotels and malls on the reserved lands of army or reserved land for schools and school grounds, when construction is finished, our government babus will make it legal.
Today you have not voted remember your kids will kick you for this because you have destroyed there life and future by not voting for good candidates.
I wanted to say hey in India we don’t have democracy here, here its mob rule, money rule, power rule .and black mail rules.
What is Indian democracy: A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
We saw this how many people voted and they like cowards hide in there homes.
I think we don’t need to give the holiday on the day of election on that place companies should see that employee goes and votes then, his manager checks he has voted or not
Then he can go home or work. We don’t deserve holiday on the day of election voting.
Don’t you think when we will get new prime minister he will be like biggest joke, as he is elected by only less than 50% or 45 or 25%?
Indian democracy has become a biggest joke on this earth.
Did you voted? If not Remember you are saying good bye to the good future of your kids .They will say good bye to you one day when you will need there help, why they should live in a corrupt country with corrupt parents.
Corruption is our national religion .I think they need bribes to go to voting booths also.
How much bribe you want corrupt Indians to vote?
What is reason you are not voting if you are not corrupt?
I hope next time Mr. Rich will make such advertisements vote and earn.
Even election commission of India should make bribes legal when they are offered as encouragement to vote, currently they give such notes illegally to uneducated people or slum people .Once it is legal they will give these offers to all Indians, and we will have more than 75% voting in India.


shobha,  May 05, 2009  


muthu May 05, 2009  

that s bit too much apolitical sm....

too much cynical..

jus criticizing ..

so give me your sol for our problem of corruption in politics.

Indian Home Maker May 05, 2009  

I feel you were right when you said voting should be compulsory.. but I have no idea how it can be made compulsory...

sm,  May 05, 2009  

ty shobha

sm,  May 05, 2009  

muthu ty when you critisize i know you you understand the point debates and arguements are always welcome thought of exchange will always make us improve and rich in knowledge.

sm,  May 05, 2009  

IHM ty you also felt the same way

Rachit Goel May 06, 2009  

well then, there are other problems too in India, this politics doesn't bring the only solution to them, so shouldn't mateer much if some keepp absent from voting...

jamos jhalla May 06, 2009  

election can solve all political ills .so we should vote.e;ection proces should be made easy,reachable most probably mobile booths just like in raajasthaan.

deeps May 06, 2009  

though not every peaceful, i guess, things were more under control this time around though a wiff of fire was always looming in the air ...

now that the voters have dont their part, the real game kicks off soon...

sm,  May 07, 2009  

Rachit please think again what you are saying

sm,  May 07, 2009  

jhall i agree with you

Anonymous,  May 11, 2009  

well to tell you when i went to vote for the first time this year a i just coul'nt decide whom to vote coz there are so many parties around...i am totally against coalition government...you'll find the reasons in my blog post:

sm,  October 20, 2009  

there is a method of negative method which we can use always.
sure i will visit your blog.