02 May 2009

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Modern India and caste system effects.

Modern India and caste system effects.

It is not possible to break Caste without annihilating the religious notions on
Which it, the Caste system, is founded."

The real method of breaking up the Caste System was not to bring about inter-caste dinners and inter-caste Marriages but to destroy the religious notions on which Caste was founded

Caste is the monster that Crosses your path.
You cannot have political reform,
you cannot have economic Reform, unless you kill this monster that is caste system of India, Racism of India.

It is a pity that Caste even today has its defenders.

The defenses are many.

It Is defended on the ground that the Caste System is but another name for division
Of labour

The first and foremost thing that must be recognized is that Hindu Society is a
Myth. The name Hindu is itself a foreign name. 

It was given by the Mohammedans to the natives for the purpose of distinguishing themselves. It does not occur in any Sanskrit work prior to the Mohammedan invasion.
They did Not feel the necessity of a common name because they had no conception of
Their having constituted a community.
Hindu society as such does not exist.
It is only a collection of castes.
Each caste is conscious of its existence. Its survival is the be all and end all of its existence. Castes do not even form a federation. A caste has no feeling that it is affiliated to other castes except when there is a Hindu-Muslim riot.

On all other occasions each caste endeavours to segregate Itself and to distinguish itself from other castes. Each caste not only dines among Itself and marries among itself but each caste prescribes its own distinctive Dress.
What other explanation can there be of the innumerable styles of dress
Worn by the men and women of India which so amuse the tourists?

Indeed the Ideal Hindu must be like a rat living in his own hole refusing to have any contact
With others. There is an utter lack among the Hindus of what the sociologists call
“Consciousness of kind “.
There is no Hindu consciousness of kind. In every Hindu the consciousness that exists is the consciousness of his caste. That is the Reason why the Hindus cannot be said to form a society or a nation. There are However many Indians whose patriotism does not permit them to admit that
Indians are not a nation, that they are only an amorphous mass of people.

They Have insisted that underlying the apparent diversity there is a fundamental unity
Which marks the life of the Hindus in as much as there is a similarity of habits and
Customs, beliefs and thoughts which obtain all over the continent of India.
Similarity in habits and customs,
Caste System prevents common activity and by preventing common activity it
Has prevented the Hindus from becoming a society with a unified life and a
Consciousness of its own being.

The Brahmin's primary concern is to protect “his interest “against
Those of the non-Brahmins and the non-Brahmin's primary concern is to protect
Their interests against those of the Brahmins.
The Hindus, therefore, are not Merely an assortment of castes but they are so many warring groups each living For itself and for its selfish ideal The existence of Caste and Caste
Consciousness has served to keep the memory of past feuds between castes Green and has prevented solidarity.

Hindus must follow Vedas and the Smites without reasoning, if he finds there is conflict between them Manu and Mahabharata it is said that Hindu should choose 1 and follow it blindly, he should not try to find which is correct, he should not try to find defects into the Vedas and smritis.
If we say that it is forbidden to critique on Vedas and smirits will be correct. They must be blindly, without thinking, without finding objections be followed.

In one of the lectures given in year 1936 by Dr.B.R. AMBEDKAR, Babasaheb said regarding Religion Reforms, and suggested following rules.

(1) There should be one and only one standard book of Hindu Religion,
Acceptable to all Hindus and recognized by all Hindus. This of course means that
All other books of Hindu religion such as Vedas, Shastras and Puranas, which
Are treated as sacred and authoritative, must by law cease to be so and the
Preaching of any doctrine, religious or social contained in these books should be

(2) It should be better if priesthood among Hindus was abolished. But
As this seems to be impossible, the priesthood must at least cease to be
Hereditary. Every person who professes to be a Hindu must be eligible for being
A priest. It should be provided by law that no Hindu shall be entitled to be a priest
Unless he has passed an examination prescribed by the State and holds a sanad
From the State permitting him to practice.

(3) No ceremony performed by a priest
Who does not hold a sanad shall be deemed to be valid in law and it should be
Made penal for a person who has no sanad to officiate as a priest. (4) A priest
Should be the servant of the State and should be subject to the disciplinary action
By the State in the matter of his morals, beliefs and worship, in addition to his
Being subject along with other citizens to the ordinary law of the land.
The Hindus must consider whether the time has not come for them to
Recognize that there is nothing fixed, nothing eternal, nothing sanatan; that
Everything is changing, that change is the law of life for individuals as well as for
Society. In a changing society, there must be a constant revolution of old values
And the Hindus must realize that if there must be standards to measure the acts
Of men there must also be a readiness to revise those standards.
But Hindus are slaves of caste and do not want to destroy
But Mr.Gandhi never agreed with Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.
Mr Gandhi supported caste system but he himself never followed the caste system, Varna system.

I just mentioned in this article what Ambedkar said in 1936, today if anyone says this
do you think people will beat him, or someone who dares to say this in openly in India.

Currently as per my views and thoughts Today India has become the society of mob rule who does not care for India ,who do not support each other, honest people do not support each other to just save there job or to stay away from the police department.

People do not have trust on judiciary and police, when people face problems they will stay in home and if they have to go to someone they may go to Gundas, political gundas for help even for school admission to driving licence, to shop license they go to illegal agent or political gunda.
When we Indians are correct, honest why we need to go to Agent or political gunda
To get our work done in a timely manner.

All this is happening because of our caste system, people before helping each other want to know which caste or religion he belongs then they decides help or no help.

Reservation or no reservation. One of the reasons now a days we have
Coalition government is also result of this caste system and religion only; as one caste goes and votes for his caste they don’t take. Notice or even think that there caste candidate is rapist or murderer. For them important is caste and religion not India.

If our caste system and religion is good then I always think that what is the reason there is Only one Vivekananda, only one Shivaji,

Why we Indians do not have another Bhagat Singh another Sukhdev, another Tilak or Bose .

Why only few percent Hindus are good examples and majority are educated to be just munims or clerks .
In this elections we saw even foreign educated, as well as Indian educated people didn’t go there to vote .I call them educated but uneducated people. There is some problem within us only.

Why the worst are in billions and the best so few.

In India, I feel caste system and our religion should be reformed as this is also one of the problems which do not allow us to be Indians. Truly Indians irrespective of caste and religion. And state and language.

Rightfully in a year 1940,Mr.churchill has said that India is not ready to become independent nation, India is not ready socially as well as education wise to become independent nation ,if it becomes independent India will be ruled by uneducated ,or criminals and today we can see that who is ruling us .

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Raj,  May 02, 2009  

yes i agree with you good article

BK Chowla, May 03, 2009  

You know ,like me, there must be a lot of Hindus who have only one track and that is that I am a HINDU.We have our negatives but.....
As for caste,well,what you have said is right and that is why we are being divided on caste lines for political upmanship

sm,  August 03, 2010  

BK Chowla,,