30 April 2009

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Real Face and Representation of Indian Politicians:

Real Face and Representation of Indian Politicians:
Fast with Air cooler: a new innovative way
Did you hear or read about this that person can go on fast with 2 jumbo air coolers
If no then you can see this pics and decide it .I will like to congratulate Tamilnadu electricity department for making them available electricity in so less time.
This is best advertisement of jumbo air coolers .So if you want or planning to buy cooler you should buy only these jumbo air coolers. Indian villages can wait for electricity for 50 years, but for our politicians electricity will be made available anywhere


Indian Home Maker April 30, 2009  

That's equality for us.

MJ April 30, 2009  

Point Blank, SM.. Think these days, it's easier to go on a fast...

BK Chowla, April 30, 2009  

So long as you are a politician and that extending support at centre.you are the king youself.Are we able to feel the condition of the 60% of the population who live without electricity?Every party in the last 60 yrs have promised electricity in their manifesto.We are silent spectators.

sm,  May 01, 2009  

yes i agree with you Bk.

Hemal Shah May 01, 2009  
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Hemal May 01, 2009  

Man, this Cooler thing keeps us conncted!!!

Well, Karunanidhi broke his fast in a record 5 hours. Bcoz no one wanted to bear the brunt or had the guts to see something happening to him. You know what can happen if his nail is hurt in TamilNadu. It wud be nothing less than Massive!

vinny May 04, 2009  

disgusting irony!