13 May 2009

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Know all about: Democracy vs. Monarchy

Reality views by sm:
Know all about: Democracy vs. Monarchy

Lets Try to Understand Which Government Form is good: Democracy vs. Monarchy

A monarchy is a form of government in which supreme power is held by an individual, who is the head of state; normally he is called as King of the state. His son becomes the king of the state after his death or he can put his father king in jail and declare himself as king.
Justice system in monarchy: Normally what king thinks right is the right justice.
No one is allowed to go against the wishes of king, its indirect rule that if you go against the king, you will get death punishment.
Only religious head and Gurus can guide the king.

In monarchy if king is good and educated, smart a state sees the progress.
If king is not good or if king is good but addicted to wines and other things he will not be able to do justice to his job.
In ancient times kingdoms were small, when kingdoms were small, kings paid attention to there state and this small state started to do progress.
After this a period came when this kings started to capture the other kingdoms,
Expansion of kingdom, his state.
After this expansion kings started to remain busy in there programs and politics of
Capturing other kingdoms, in this way they neglected there population and state.
The people who can influence the king started to rob the people of the state with or without the knowledge of the king.
Monarchy reached its height of doing wrongs to the population and this encouraged
Educated people to think and find new type of government system.
And this gave birth to democracy, system of government where principles of liberty equality and justice will prevail.
So in monarchy in short we know that now that there is only one king, he is supreme,
What king says is right, people population has to just obey the king, and people have no say in the government or any matter, any policy, without reason people have to obey the king. As well as his supporters .In a monarchy if king is good everything is good ,if king is bad everything is bad .Most important point is that in a monarchy people can never throw the king from his thrown .Generation after generation one family rules the kingdom forever . Hereditary rule is often a common characteristic.
In a monarchy people have very limited freedoms, if king likes gambling then gambling becomes legal, if don’t like then gambling becomes illegal.
If king don’t like garlic then whole state may be banned to eat garlic.
In monarchy everything depends on the mood of the king.
In monarchy, religious leaders, gurus enjoy best life and status, and people have to follow there views also otherwise there is death punishment.
In every successful monarchy you can find religious leaders and gurus and kings walk side by side in everything .What kings says is supported by church or mosque or temple and what church or mosque or temple says is supported by king .
People of the state have no say in the government. King is god, one and only one person who has right to think, everything depends on his mood. Rule by dictator also comes under the Monarch. In monarchy normally females are forbidden to rule the state there are exceptions to this rule but they are limited.
In monarchy from dressing to eating habits, science everything is decided by king.
Monarchy looks very attractive but I will say just for a moment think, will you like to obey your father 100% without reason?
Will you like to obey your father’s religious guru 100% without reason?
If no, then you should think how you support the monarchy, if you can not obey your father how are you going to obey the king.

Let’s Understand Democracy:
Until now I am sure you understood how the democracy took the birth.
Currently also democracy is growing it has not reach its peak,
One day it will reach to its peak may be after 100 years or 1000 years.
Biggest problem with the democracy is that it is very slow form of government, this is reason I think people without thinking anything say that they like and prefer monarchy.
Democracy means where a state ruler is chosen by people of the start by way of voting system .There are different types of democracies .But finally people choose the state rulers whatever form of democracy they have.
Democracy is the best form of government but it is in a beta state, it’s growing.
Today if you see Indian democracy, I will say it is not democracy but it is just a mob rule that is learning very slowly what democracy .India is is a country where 50% Indians don’t know importance of voting.
So a country where there is no 100% voting, is a baby form of democracy.
About democracy I think we know all so I will not go into details but will change topic here little bit.
I feel democracy is the best form of government today it is in a beta form of government where lot of experiments will be done by coming generations after generations.
When I was 18, there was no Right to Information law .But today we got this Right to information law .This is because of democracy.
More the people are educated more progress we will see.
What should be real democracy?
A real democracy will be one when every individual will be protected by state for keeping his views and acts which are against state, religion which he will be able to say in the public or publish with the help of state.
There will be no banning of books what so ever reason, but there will be debates on those topics and the writer will be challenged by others, this is democracy.
If you ban the book I will say there is no democracy what so ever reason.
Democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of the minority. This is where Indian democracy is fully defeated .In India we got mobocracy, familycracy and religiocracy.
Today Indian democracy is baby democracy if our politicians take it right directions we will have good democracy, which will evolve.
For American democracy I will say it is in a teen age democracy.
Today all the democracies are baby or teen democracies which are growing; where people are learning and improving there state government.

Why democracy is good than Monarchy?
In a one line again will say that in democracy I got say but in monarchy no rights.
If you support monarchy, then just think on these 3 questions?
1- Are you ready to obey your father 100% without reason and revolt?
2- Are you ready to obey religious guru or leader 100% without reason and revolt?
3- Are you ready to deny females all there rights? Will you support gender in equality?
Disobedience means and results into death punishment or equal to that punishment when you do not obey the king and religious leaders.
Hope you got the answer which form of government is best and good for humans.
Hope you can now decide which form of government is good.


tom,  May 13, 2009  

good explanation,i support democracy

achala,  May 13, 2009  

i am for democracy.

deeps May 13, 2009  

I really wonder if this is a big deal after all …
At times I feel we need a military rule – yes I can see the eyebrows going up …
But there are too many, simply too many parties claiming to have leaders to rule the country … crap!

anything that can flush out the stink and dirt is welcome ...

BK Chowla, May 13, 2009  

Of course democracy.But,are you hinting at times to come soon after the 16th?.Funny.

Smitha May 13, 2009  

Democracy anytime! The freedom that we have is something we have taken for granted.. And we also tend to forget that our Indian democracy is so very young.. We have a long long way to go - but democracy is certainly the way to go..

sm May 13, 2009  

deeps yes this is reason i said indian democracy is a baby democracy ,a democracy which is just like a baby, who can not talk,stand or walk independantly.
our baby democracy needs the citizens as her parents and caretares.voting is one of her necessary food.

Indian Home Maker May 14, 2009  

I have heard people say India needs benign dictatorship. It always makes me wonder if these people ever studied in school.
They want the right to choose who that 'benign monarch' would be... how can you except in Democracy???
We could ask some more questions. Do you complain that the taxes you pay are not being utilized properly? Do you think we should have accountability? Do you think those with 'connections' abuse power, and do you think we should be able to tale those who accept bribe to court? Do complain against reservations? How would reservations for all those who have any connections plus all of the priestly classes (that's how it used to be)be? All the things we protest against, the very Right to protest is a Democratic concept.

Anonymous,  May 14, 2009  

democracy is the best ...

i guess both monarchy and democracy can function only when we have some good persons in the helm of affairs ...

in both we have various people giving their help to either monarch or PM ...

the basic thing is ... people who govern should be good, qualified, able, and trustworthy ...

Unknown May 14, 2009  

I loved the post....

Democracy should be strengthened...!

btw, I replied to your comment on my post....



sm May 15, 2009  

ihm yes you are right.