15 May 2009

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British Raj Was It A Boon on India? :-

Reality Views by sm :

British Raj Was It A Boon on India? :-

I came to read this post on this blog, http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/2006/12/28/british-rule-in-india-and-nazi-rule-what-is-the-difference/

British Rule in India and Nazi rule. What is the difference?

This inspired me to write this post.

The above post discusses about British raj there atrocities on Indians and compares it with Nazi rule.

First of all let me clear that the comparison between Nazi rule and British rule on India is totally wrong,
Nazi and Hitler were the citizens of Germany, they grew up there and they ruled there own country, there own people, that time it was Germany and not an area divided and occupied and ruled by small different nations, countries and kings.

When British people came to India, there was no India at all .
India was a large area ruled by many small kingdoms .
India was controlled by Muslims and Arab people and some other kings .
So when there was no India at all how can you compare that?
British people conquered India and ruled it on the other hand Nazi people were the citizens of Germany, they didn’t go outside Germany and ruled.

Ruling your own people and ruling other country are two totally different topics ,they can not be compared .Can you compare murders done by Kasab with the murder of gulshan kumar .

Can you compare murder of Rajiv Gandhi with the murder of gulshan kumar . No you can not compare them .

What was India before British people came to India ?

There was no India ,there were small kingdoms ruled by kings and many were ruled and controlled by Arabs and Muslims who were outsiders, who came to loot these small kingdoms from Kabul ,Afghanistan ,and slowly become the rules of India .

After this British people came to India, they saw the opportunity and slowly captured India ..As they owned the India ,this the time they started to give birth to today’s India .

They started to give shape to India ,they are birth givers to India as well as Pakistan.
If British people didn’t visited or came to India , I doubt there would have been no India at all . Mughal Empire did survive till 1857, its heyday can be considered to have come to an end in 1707, with the death of Aurangzeb,

For a brief period of 3 years from 1756 to 1759, the Marathas ruled Punjab and the Mughal emperor was a pensioner of the Marathas receiving an annual pension of as. 60,000 from Mahadji Shinde, the Maratha Sardar of Gwalior .

Before British people came here , what was in India ?

a caste system which robed there owned brothers and sisters .
They say in a last battle of plassy which established total british rule in India was won by british people because there army was full of dalit and untouchable people of India .

Did you ever given thought what is reason dalit people fought from the side of British army.
Before the arrival of British people to India ,do you see there any movement in the past of creation of one India .

Before British came to India ,we got large kingdoms ,but they were large but these kingdoms were not intended to be one India .

British people gave us this feeling of One India , They gave us parliamentary system ,democratic system ,ports, railways etc.

Most important gift British people gave to India is the English Language ,the language of science ,the language which will make India one day super power.

If very carefully you will see you will understand that British people taught Indians how to do business and make money .

If today you will ask old people they will say that British raj was better than this Indian raj.
British rulers banned the sati system ,made a law against it .

Why today in India females are educated ?

This credit also goes to British people indirectly .

When our educated people saw the educated British females , they also decided to teach there females , British educated females gave inspiration .Otherwise today also our Indian females would have been uneducated .

When British people came here ,they fought with local people, Arab people, French people,
Portuguese people and they defeated them all .and became rulers of India.

Even our judicial system is established by British people .

First court was started by British rulers .In 1727 company started Mayors court for civil litigation .
In 1772 an elaborate judicial system, known as adalat , established civil and criminal jurisdictions along with a complex set of codes or rules of procedure and evidence.

British rule gave us telegraph and post service and news paper also.

Today also in independent India we got cases like Dr.Binayak sen , and Gujarat riots etc.
One has to see the positive points in everything and not negative .

Its human nature, if you got power you will rob or beat others this is Jungle raj.
From that beginning we are today living in a society with rules and laws .

How many rulers and kings you know who after winning the other state has not robbed that state you may find exceptions to this .

How many kingdoms you know who robed as well as given and done some good things to that state also.

Before arrival of British rule on India, already Arab kings have destroyed our many books and education houses .

Today also in independent India we now and then hear that police beat teachers ,atrocities done by police or rich people .This is human nature with power the great responsibility comes .

What is SEZ in India ,is it not robbing of farmers his land ,making a owner a servant

Few people will say that British people don’t allow us learn language Sanskrit, I will tell them British rulers are not responsible for this ,for this our caste system is responsible,
Sanskrit was a language of upper-class people only. Other Indians were forbidden to learn it .

Even after independence our own rulers didn’t make it compulsory for Indians to learn Sanskrit .
The real time has come that we Indian as well as British people should forget what happened in the past .

The time has come Indian boys and girls should study History of India only from 1948.

In this global village there is no need to learn and know what happened in 18th century.

For science and medicine, technology its necessary they should know that history,
But we don’t need to argue and talk what happened in 18th century or what happened in British Raj the world is changing we have to concentrate on what has happend after independance .


amit,  May 15, 2009  

yes i agree with few points .

shilpa,  May 15, 2009  

british empire has ruled the world good post.

BK Chowla, May 15, 2009  

Yes and no.In my opinion,we are better off noe.You seem to be forgetting the freedom you have now and we never had then.There is nothing more than an individual's freedom.We may complain about the Govt but the fact is that we are FREE TO COPMLAIN.It is better to die than be a slave

Hemal May 16, 2009  

The British took away the good and we only got their Left Overs.......

Indian Home Maker May 16, 2009  

I generally think the British were good for us.

And are you watching the election results?

Dhiman May 16, 2009  

I think the first 'ruler' to have formed 'one' India was ChandraGupta Maurya Just to quote "After Chandragupta's conquests, the Maurya Empire extended from Bengal and Assam in the east, to Afghanistan and Balochistan in the west, to Kashmir and Nepal in the north, and to the Deccan Plateau in the south. ".
Yes British were the 'creator' of the modern India and they were great administrators and our 'Constitution' and our democratic system is based on British System as well just to add to your list of goods by British.But I do agree with BK Chowla that nothing can compare the 'freedom'.

sm,  May 16, 2009  

dhiman you are agree but tell me honestly was there feeling of India ? One India ? in that time.That was the just expansion of his kingdom like all the kings loved to do expansion of there kingdom. we are talking about India our India ,that time there was no such feeling ,it was monarchy .

sm,  May 16, 2009  

Bk and dhiman i got your point i wanted to tell you this that the sense of Freedom itself came to indians from British people .Our people started to learn english and they realise why can not we have our own free country .Before that there was no such feelings, people belived in god and luck and king they stayed happily with our caste system, only after arrival of british people our great minds ,intelligent people realise this dream and we got this free india.Our India .
2nd is as per my knowledge Bhatgat or babasaheb or bose or tilak never intened such india where castesystem will be powerful,where hatred and religious fights, corruption, where females will be beaten such India they never wanted.
But still i agree with you freedom can not be sold .But the feeling of freedom from which place our great minds derived like Gandhi,Nehru.

sm,  May 16, 2009  

hemal they left but whiling going they gave us the language English, which will help us to be super power .
Just think without English do you see any progress in India, if yes then why we were slaves of muslims and arabs for hundreds of years .Sanskrit was a language of few ,so you can see progress of India.

Raj,  October 13, 2009  

British Raj good post