16 May 2009

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Know: Why Nda, Bjp lost elections 2009.Quick Analysis

Reality Views by sm :

Know: Why Nda, Bjp lost elections 2009.Quick Analysis

It is good for India that one party got the majority.

Do you think congress won the elections for there work, agenda and manifesto.
No, Congress didn’t win but Bjp lost it.

Congress won the elections because Bjp failed as the opposition party in last five years.
Let’s understand why congress party won.

In a last five years do you remember any thing which Bjp has done as a positive thing, or acted as an Opposition Party?

It seemed that last five years there was same ruling party as well as opposition party.

When 123 atom contract was done, Bjp neither supported fully neither opposed it fully.

This contract will give electricity for the common Indians This thing they didn’t realize even left parties also didn’t think that and opposed it like a child.

Common People of India knew only that they want electricity and one day this project will give them electricity .Everyone in India knows what Shivsena and Bjp has done with Enron project ,they opposed it and when got power they gave life to the Enron project .

2nd is they started to say Man Mohan Singh is weak Prime Minster ,this boomeranged on them ,when Our Pm told them there reality who is weak and who went to Kandhar .

3rd is Congress party young leader Rahul was visiting slums and poor people all over India, this Bjp and there friends were enjoying or abusing the Pm and Sonia Gandhi.

Even Pawar also knows the Power of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

The personal attacks made by the Bjp and there friends On PM and Sonia Gandhi boomeranged on them on the day of voting.

4th is they talk about Swiss money; Educated as well as uneducated Indians knew the reality that it is just poll gimmick.

The Biggest think the Bjp and other parties must learn and accept that India is changing,
Indian voters can not be fooled by Politicians any more.

They will not vote, but the people who will vote will vote for the honesty, progress of India.
Indian youth wants jobs and progress they don’t want religious fights between Hindu and Muslim on the name of temple. 

There was Dr.Binayak sen problem ,Farmers suicide problem , electricity problem, education fees problem .

We don’t see anywhere Bjp got big fight with Center for the middle class or lowerclass .

While writing this I am trying to remember what Bjp has done as an opposition party.

As Bjp has done nothing they didn’t gain more also . 

Advani is old and Man Mohan is also not young this was the chance for Bjp to give chance to some young leader to be Pm which would have transferred few votes of congress to the bjp .

But Bjp and advani lost on this also .As Singh is a very clean prime minister no one can beat him. 

Singh is king .and we all know Sonia and rahul both are very mature and intelligent leaders .

Varun Gandhi won the election but same time Bjp lost votes in other places which resulted in Bjp defeat .

Today news spreads faster than any disease ,I will even say news from Delhi reaches to our ears before we get ,inhale next dose of oxygen or sip of tea.

After 26/11 what Bjp has done as an opposition party nothing which reached to ears of common man .
Where was BJP in last five years, for the benefit of common man as an opposition party what Bjp has done .

Mangalore incident or donkey marriage incident what Bjp has done .

On every point Bjp kept Silence 

India has a tradition if your son is rapist mothers don’t hesitate to kill there own son.

What Bjp has done as an opposition party .

Bjp failed to reach masses with good proposals ,but Bjp tried to fool the common people of India .
Without doing anything Congress won as common people didn’t see any choice ,have to vote compulsory for congress to get stable government ,People just saw honesty of Man Mohan Singh ,Sonia and Rahul Gandhi . 

Bjp declared the name of prime minister this also boomeranged on them don’t you think many people may think that advani is greedy to become prime minister of India?

Why he is running behind that chair ?

It is said that if any Indian tries to climb a tree, a fellow Indian will definitely pull his leg one or another way and in that race American or other fellow will win that race .

But not Indian as Indian will say if I can not win I will not allow other Indian to win .


Anonymous,  May 17, 2009  

there are other reasons also

atul,  May 17, 2009  

agree with you

Anonymous,  May 17, 2009  

Very well written!!! Absolutely agree!!!

Now I know why I voted for you :)

I am linking it to my new post, (still in draft, hope to publish it today.)

dinesh,  May 17, 2009  

In short you pointed great points.

Apurva May 17, 2009  

Very detailed analysis-- what do you think real future of Rahul will be?

muthu May 17, 2009  

strong points....

Many people I know hate the idea of advani as PM including me......

deeps May 17, 2009  

The result is out!
Just wondering if this was something that you had guessed …

Yeha it makes sense .. however, let s not forget certain policies that the congress govrnt stood for despite firm opposition … on the other hand bjp had been on a run to prove their opposition wrong not to prove themselves…

Nevertheless .. this is people’s verdict ..

sm May 17, 2009  

apurva,yes i am thinking to write to post on that .Future of Rahul is excellent.

sm May 17, 2009  

i belive in retirement of politician and every politician who is older than 65 years should not be allowed to contest any elections then he may be as good as Mahatama.

sm May 17, 2009  

deeps its verdict of only 50%or less Indians.But still i am happy beacuse they have shown intelligence didnt voted foolishly.

BK Chowla, May 17, 2009  

BJP lost the focus on it's agenda and issues half way through the elections.

Prasant Naidu. May 17, 2009  

Every one has a past and past haunts.If we look into BJP's past a common man will talk first about the Babri Masjid, Gujarat Riots and Kandhamal,Mangalore incident. Yes they also come out of the shadow of RSS. So yes you pointed out very well that BJP as an opposition other than calling weak PM didn't do much.
Positive points for Congress, Rahul is following the same path that his grandmother and his father chose in the past. Touching the hearts of common man.
I read Advani's reasons for the failure of BJP in his blog. I will request BJP to stop the blame game and dig in there souls.

Nice post but the real work will start now otherwise they would be thrown like the Left :)

Keep Rocking,

sm May 17, 2009  

Bk yes you are right i agree with you.
but still i am thinking what was ajenda,positive,progressive agenda.

sm May 17, 2009  

prashant yes you are right search inside your soul what you have done.
but i will say Bjp has to learn to say sorry to people of India, as sonia gandhi said sorry to punjab on riots .
a good politician isone who always accepts his mistakes.

J P Joshi May 18, 2009  

A very valid post. BJP needs to do a lot of introspection and work as a constructive opposition to continue to retain its position as a national party of significance, as it is even today, even though it has lost. It must respect the Constitution of India in letter and spirit, and not do anything that divides this very diverse and beautiful country.

Anonymous,  May 18, 2009  

Completly agree to your views , but i think that the verdict was more Pro congress that Anti BJP. Hence i think congress won rather than BJP lost.
Also please do read my views ont he election.

BK Chowla, May 18, 2009  

SM, if you read carefully,manifesto of both,BJP and Congress is almost the same.

sm May 18, 2009  

Jp ty, Yes you are right Bjp needs to study there mistakes.

sm May 18, 2009  

Bk,yes i read there manifesto also this is reason i said last 5 years there was same ruleing party as well as opposition party.

sm May 18, 2009  

Borne, as a opposition party Bjp failed completely. Rosy dreams of future any one can show to country but now voters of India are learning and knowing that manifesto of parties is nothing but a mejority times a bundal of lies with no responsibility

Anonymous,  May 19, 2009  

BJP need to accept that they can not get the vote on the name of religion; they need to change their hate and divide policies.
They need win the hearts and minds of minorities by their actions not by words.

Anonymous,  May 19, 2009  

I feel its always better to have altenative govt at te centre. Otherwise there will growth imbalance since the ruling govt won't release enough fund to the other states where there is opposition ruling the state.
Ex: Karnataka received only Rs. 4000 Crs from the central govt where as Andra got Rs.24000. The most unfortunate of the story is that Karnataka Cong spokes persons defending the central Govt decision of giving lesser aid. that too its 1/4th.

sm,  May 20, 2009  

This is one of the fault of our consitituion

Anonymous,  May 20, 2009  

and another reason why the congress won in Kerala?
The church.

Anonymous,  May 20, 2009  

If u ask me 3 reasons why BJP lost, I would say:
1. Varun Gandhi
2. Varun Gandhi
3. Varun Gandhi

He was the sole reason why BJP was decimated. I dont know if BJP would have come to power or not, but they would have never got the drubbing they got, had there been no Varun Stupid Gandhi. That guy forced all non Hindus to hoard and vote against BJP. For muslims (or Christians for that matter) it becomes a question of survival when they hear these leader talking about cutting their hands, as was done by Varun Gandhi. And only when it's a question of survival, people come out to vote en-masse. That's what happened this time, and the result is there for everyone to see.

If BJP has to retain it's existence, it will have to get rid of politicians like Varun Gandhi.

PS: Contrast the response of BJP for Varun Gandhi with that of congress for the leaders like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, when they realised that a particular community is against them. BJP walon, kuchh sikho !!!!!! people want to vote for you people, but they have realised that you will never change, you will always remain a construction company meant just to build a Temple in Ayodhya and nothing else.

sm,  January 03, 2010  


sm,  January 03, 2010  


Unknown June 19, 2010  


sm,  June 20, 2010  

Mohammed BAsheer,,
About Gujarat , congress opposition is weak.
This reasoning is for entire India not one or two states.