09 April 2009

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Whom To Vote How To Vote a poem

Reality Views by sm
Whom To Vote How To Vote a poem
how to vote ? whom to vote
these few lines will be give us idea how to vote ?

vote for whom
who eats with you
vote for whom
who never travelled
with criminals
vote for whom
whose education is
more than you
vote for whom
who is not older
than your father
vote for whom
who travels with
you in bus
vote for whom
whose children
study with your kids
vote for whom
whose brothers study
in a collage where your
younger brothers study
vote for whom
who support economic reservation
vote for whom
who is not relative
of political leader
vote for whom
who belives in India
vote for whom
who do not mix dharma and religion
with progress of india
vote for whom
whom you never see on television
vote for whom
who is like you


Archie April 10, 2009  

"vote for whom
who support economic reservation"

That is on the top of my checklist.
Am done with political candidates banking on religious factions, castes and sitcom reviews!

BK Chowla, April 10, 2009  

Vote for whom, I don't know but will do anything for good governance.

sm April 10, 2009  

yes this is reason i have written this poem every line has a deep message,
we agree or not but reality is that our people of india still vote for religion ,caste, and not for progress.
vote for who eats with you ?
this line give you message that if your own caste man is standing for election but if he eats in 5star hotel ,never visits your home,area
dont vote for him
vote for your neighbour who is with you all the time and who shares your lunch whenver you want.
or you can share his lunch when you are hungry
hungry has deep meaning hungar can be of food,education,cleanliness ,good roads etc
so everyline has a deep message just read it carefully in between lines.

sm,  May 06, 2010