11 April 2009

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Answer to India’s Electricity Problem: Solar Energy A new Vision

Reality views by sm :
Answer to India’s Electricity Problem: Solar Energy A new Vision
Today world as well as India is facing power, electricity problems.
Solar energy is a one energy which can help us humans to solve
These problems which today we are facing.

In India this solar energy can become a boon for us.
As in India normally we have sun for all 12 months in the sky.
In a rainy season also we can see sun for few hours daily.
We just need to make a one law and our power problem will be reduced
Up to 50% or more.
Already in USA they are utilizing solar power successfully, they are even planning full cities which will utilize only solar energy.
I think our politicians are too intelligent may be solar energy is dangerous for Indians.
I am uneducated person let me know why we don’t promote solar energy in India.
USA Florida, they have started to build solar cities also.
USA Chicago, they are using electric cars with solar energy.
So I was suggesting one simple law we need to introduce and our 75% power electricity problem will be solved.
Today people in metro cities are buying flats, apartments at a cost of 1 crore, or 10 million or 1 million.
The builders are building very costly apartments without the solar energy panel roofs.
The government of India should make a law that new buildings should have compulsory
Solar tiles or panels be installed otherwise the building will be considered illegal.
After that slowly this rule is applied to all old buildings.
In each city we all know how many building are there if there are 1000 buildings just see how much electricity and power will be saved.
More ever solar energy is freely available, good for environment.
Solar energy panels, roof titles are easy to repair, they are reliable they can be used for more than 20 years.
To install the solar panels on the roof of building is very easy and simple process any one can do it with little experience.
Do you think our any political party has this vision; they are still fighting on same 100 year old problems.


BK Chowla, April 11, 2009  

In my opinion all avenues must be tried to generate anddistribute maximum power.I feel,a quick solution also lies in actually distributing the available capacity equally.Hence you must have load shedding in the houses of the respective state CM and the power minister and also the power minister in the centre.The moment they have a problem,one can rest assured problem will be solved.try it.

hemal April 12, 2009  

Solar power definetly should be the power of future, but the reason why it is avoided is that it takes long time and space to generate electricity than other sources.

Atul April 12, 2009  

Definitely we should try to save power and solar energy would be future energy for us

Indian Home Maker April 13, 2009  

There's a village near Ajmer, called Tiloniya, it is run entirely on Solar Energy, computer, lighting, geysers everything. They charge batteries and use them, inverters or UPS etc.

And I have no idea why our government does not it compulsory for all homes built after 2009 to have solar water heaters etc. It should be used!

sm April 14, 2009  

yes ty IHM about your info on Tiloniya
currently i think no politician is owner of solar company so there is no progress on this front.

Anonymous,  April 17, 2009  

Yeah its solar or alternate power sources should be used but I think the problem's partly due to the cost, as you know alternate power sources are costlier to install and maintain. Also its the mindset that needs to be changed like in Bangalore many household are using solar water heaters instead of traditional electric geysers.

sm,  October 03, 2009  


Anonymous,  March 18, 2010  

I live in the USA and I have family who live in the rural areas of India and I hear about the struggles that they go through, and I think that solor power energy is a very sufficent way of getting electricity, and water to your homes. I also think this due to the fact that in the rural the power is out more the 3/4's of the day, and I know from experience that solor power energy is a very helpful thing to have. So I think India should make that change, I think that the government should buy out a solor power energy company, and make it mandatory first in the rural areas which are the most needy and then slowly congaragate towards the city.

sm,  March 19, 2010  

Your idea is good when business is done with honesty.
yes you are right today also majority Indian villages have to stay without electricity for more than 12 hours.
and cities also for few hours.

Anonymous,  March 22, 2010  

We have put lots of systems in India

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SP (1st anyonomous),  March 23, 2010  

I think Solar power energy is a possible thing, and I agree honesty is a factor, but I think there should be an end to the number of death rates, and the number or people who are suffering. The government needs to open there eyes to what is happening.

sm,  March 24, 2010  

SP (1st anyonomous),
thnaks for choosing the name.
yes govt needs to pay more attention.

sm,  March 24, 2010  


Solar Power In India October 14, 2010  

This are the best thing for the solor india its very use full for the people. thank you.

sm,  October 14, 2010  

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GEO REHAB CENTRE February 13, 2012  

Yes, it is the right solution to solve many of our energy problems. The unfortunate part is that there is no committed action plan in this direction. As indicated, solar energy is green, clean and cost effective. At present,the energy situation in the rural areas is the real challenge both for the production and further for living. In spite of the fact that more that 70% of the people lives in the rural villages and agriculture is the backbone of the nations' development,the availability of solar energy could not be tapped. Knowing the challenges, still, our race is towards the thermal power and nuclear power which affects the people and environments.

We all needs to understand the way out for the present power problems and SOLAR energy is the better way of filling the gap with eco-friendly approaches.

Toroidal transformer in India May 24, 2016  

Though solar energy is a boon, the sun doesnot shine all times. There should be other alternate sources of energy the Government should look upon.