15 April 2009

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India: Do we pay to Television companies to watch advertisements

Reality views: by sm
India: Do we pay to Television companies to watch advertisements

If someone pays to Television Company to watch advertisements what you will call him?

A fool person
A mad person
An intelligent person.
Helpless Indian person
When we daily receive newspaper at our doorstep, do we pay extra to read and see the advertisement from the newspapers.
Answer is no
What is the reason today in India television channels are pay channels, still they are showing advertisements also. Without giving any benefit to customers who are paying premium charge.
When you watch a serial or news for 30 minutes you end up watching 15 minutes of advertisement, which is waste of your time, my time.
Furthermore if you are a member of Dish service then have to pay more and become more fools because these dish services has a rule that you must purchase bunch of channels to see your favorite channel .Give you example
It is like saying if you want to purchase a Nano tata will make a rule that you must purchase a 5 two wheelers only then you can purchase Nano.
This is the same situation with our dish TV service so I will suggest if you got cable television at home please do not change to dish service you will end up paying more with same channels.
If you want to see xyz popular channel then you must pay for other five channels which you will never watch in your life time.
What is the reason government of India is not making a law that pay channel can show advertisement only before and after the end of show .No advertisements in between a serial or show.
2nd required law is that these television channels should not be allowed to sell group of channels, bunch of channels. They must offer individual channels with price to pay without clubbing any channels.
I don’t pay to watch advertisements on television?
But as an Indian man I don’t have choice.
What about you do you pay to watch advertisement?
Pay channel means you are paying extra bucks, you are paying premium
As a customer what we get in that return from Television Company


Indian Home Maker April 15, 2009  

I agree, pay channels should not have that many channels and I hate the bunches of channels that we have to buy... very often when we do not intend to watch them!!

hemal April 17, 2009  

Yes dude, I agree... What ever you said about the over paying and under valued subscription is very much valid.

BK Chowla, April 18, 2009  

Govt will not change the policy.Most of the cable business is owned and controlled,directly or indirectly,by the netas or the Babus.The only way changes can be brought about in these areas of society are by creating a public opinion.Let us work towards that goal and may be you could start a signature campaign.