24 April 2009

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Know About The Mahabharat Few Important Facts

Know About The Mahabharat Few Important Facts :
The Mahabharat has undergone three editions and with each editor
the title and subject matter has changed. In its original form it was known as
'Jaya', Triumph.

This original name occurs even in the third edition both in the beginning as
well as in the end. The original edition of the book known as 'Jaya' was
composed by one Vyas.

After his death, In its second edition it was known as Bharat. The Editor of this second edition was one Vaishampayana. Vaishampayan's edition was not the only second edition of the Bharata.
Vyas had many pupils besides Vaishampayana ; Sumantu, Jaimini, Paila and Shuka were his other four pupils.
They all had learned at the feet of Vyas.
Each one of them produced his own. Thus there were four other editions of Bharata.
Vaishampayana recast the whole and brought out his own version.
After there era death The third editor is Sauti.

He recast Vaishampayana's version of Bharata. Sauti's version ultimately came to have the name of Mahabharata. The book has grown both in size and in the subject matter aswell. The 'Jaya' of Vyas was amall work having not more than 8800 Shlokas. In the hands of Vaishampayana it grew into 24000 verses.

Sauti expanded it to contain 96836 Shlokas.

As to subject matter the original as composed by Vyas was only a story of the war between
the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

In the hands of Vaishyampayana the subject
became two-fold, war and religious ,social rules.

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