23 April 2009

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After 26/11 Visit to Taj Mahal Hotel Room No. 630

After 26/11 Visit to Taj Mahal Hotel Room No. 630:
Yesterday I started to read the news paper Times of India, and then suddenly I felt sleepy
And I went to Taj Mahal hotel
Kasab and his terror gang had destroyed the hotel, but again Taj was standing smiling at me, in the protection of Nsg commandoes, as I was looking the beauty of Taj Mahal hotel, I came to room no. 630, I heard the sounds of foot steps so I went near to the door,
Suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me inside the Room.

I was freighted I thought ghost has pulled me inside, when I opened my eyes
I saw 6 foot tall man having gold on his body everywhere, gold ear rings, gold chains,
He was looking at me, as I was afraid, the man asks me what is your name?
His personality was so strong I said to him, Sir I am Sm. May I know your name please?
He told me you foolish man, don’t you recognize me I am The Lankapati Dashanand, Ravana; I came to visit earth from heaven. And as he saw I didn’t believed he showed me his ten heads, he was friendly, assured me he won’t hurt me, so we started to talk.
I asked him again sir if you are really Ravana what you feel about today’s situation of India,
And What Ravana told me next half hour I become speechless, surprised. He told me
You know Sm, after thousands of years I came to India, felt so happy, he said where ever he goes he sees Ravana is enjoying the fruits, Ravana is having all the milk and important positions. He said Sm , Thousands of years back I kidnapped Sita that time Ram killed me , In that yuga my brother betrayed me and I got killed, in that yuga everyone said I am bad person, but In today’s yuga everywhere Ravana is worshipped, ravana is having and controlling all important positions.
He said he has made mistake he should have borne in this yuga, he would have been the Prime Minister of India, ruling India for thousands of years with Sita .As today’s Ram is alone no one will come to help him, he even said in today’s world even he doubt will ram come to rescue sita or he will go and bring Gita. Does Laxmana will go to jungle with Ram?
I tried to argue with the Ravana,but he said look you got elections ,every family of ram is sitting in homes and watching movies on DVD,they don’t even go to vote or talk about chooseing the king that is todays Primeminister, the Ravans are standing for elections, and people are voting for the Ravana because he belongs to his caste and religion, they don’t vote for the ram ,don’t help the ram As in today’s yuga caste and religion has become more important than Ram, He said why in that yuga he did not got this idea of dividing Ram sena on the name of caste and religion , How he allowed caste of ram and caste of hanuman unite and fight and he ask me do you think I am not intelligent,
I said after meeting you ,Ravana I think you will be better Prime Minister for India because you will not divide us on the name of caste and religion , what you promise you will fulfill it you are really great King, you gave your people the city of gold ,Why don’t I born in that yuga .Again Ravana smiled and said ty, Suddenly Ravana said he has to leave ,I ask him why he said today’s ravana is coming to check in this room ,so he has to leave , again I ask him when I can meet him or see him
Ravana said, whenever you want to see me start the TV and you will see me, whenever you want to see me watch the Loksabha and Rajyasabha, Upper house and lower house sessions and I can see him.
Then suddenly my mobile started to ring and I came into this world again,
I started to think about my dream , and started to think ,
Ravna is better or todays political parties and leaders ,who change there views and friends every now and then


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ April 24, 2009  

lol..it was a wonderful take on current affairs..though i guess Ravana might have faced too much competition from look and thinkalikes ruling India :D

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sm,  April 25, 2009  

yes i agree with you dream.

SM April 25, 2009  

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