25 April 2009

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Know How to nominate your blog for bloggerschoice awards.

Know How to nominate your blog for bloggerschoice awards:
Few Steps to nominate your blog for Bloggerchoice Awards 2009.
Nominating your blog in bloggerschoiceawards will help your blog to get introduced in a bigger platform and bloggers community.
You may invite your friends to vote for you by using a badge or link in your blog and thereby widen your audience and as well as readership of your blog.

Following is the Procedure to nominate your blog to bloggers choice awards and vote for it and then invite your friends to vote for you.
1- Type www.bloggerschoiceawards.com in your browser window and click on SIGNUP. .Provide a valid email. After filling up, save and submit. Don’t forget to put the two CAPTCHA words with space between them.
2- After save and submit, you will get an email immediately with a verification link ,that gives you username, password and a link to sign in again.
3- When you click the link from your email, then you will reach a page that shows you have successfully confirmed you account. You may go to “My Account” in that page.
4- Please see the tab “Nominate” in the top of that page.
5- When you nominate your site or blog enter some details in “Step one: Info”. Under the heading of “Nominate a Site”, you had to enter your blog name, blog description and check boxes if it is written in other languages or contain any adult content. Then click on save and continue to step two.
6- In step two, you had to select the appropriate categories of your blog and enter tags for your blog. You may select up to four categories for a single blog
7- Then save and continue to step three
8- In step three, you can see the details you enter in step two then verify it, save and submit.
9- If you have done everything perfectly, then you will get a message of Thank you for Nomination.
10-how to brab/grab a Badge for your site. I will explain
11- Type your blog name in the search box on the top left corner of the site
12- In the search result you can see the blog you searched and details of that. Now choose a category in the box.
13- After selecting the category (Best political blog ) you will reach a page where you can Vote and will get the details of the blog you searched.
14- In this page you can see an option called Grab Badge where you will get HTML for a badge in your blog.( in order to get badge for your blog,
15- You may vote for me by clicking on this link, after voting inform me and I will also do it same for you.
16- http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/73115
17-How you will know who has voted for you ? Daily once or twice go to the site bloggerschoice awards and log in,after that you will see who has voted for you, 2nd easy option is you should just click on the badge which you have placed on your site,and it will open new window showing the number of votes ,there you will see the voters username, if you want more information on user who has voted ,you should just click on the name of that user and you will get information.
If you got any more questions please ask me ?
Ty hope you will like my blog and vote for me .


preposterous girl April 25, 2009  

Hey SM..
thanks.. got to know abt bloggerschoice awards through ur post..I nominated myself and voted for me as well as for u..

sm,  April 25, 2009  

ty preposterous girl you will also get mine ty

Namita Chandra April 26, 2009  

Thanks for the link I've nominated your blog as well as mine.

Namita Chandra April 26, 2009  

I've voted for your blog, as it was already nominated.

Anonymous,  April 26, 2009  

I voted for your blog:)
All the Best.

Abhishek Jain April 26, 2009  

Hey thanks for the info, do check my blog and if it lures you do vote at

sm,  April 26, 2009  

ty prabhjot voted for you also,you made nice changes to blog

sm,  April 26, 2009  

namita your medical blogs are good voted for you

Anonymous,  April 26, 2009  

Hi thanks a ton for the link.. voted for you and you do too please. all three categories please. take care. tiku

kris,  April 27, 2009  

Hello readers, view the original content of This article, in this blog, he he,,,..piracy..he he

kris,  April 27, 2009  

Hello readers, view the original content of This article, in the below given blog,


he he,,,..open piracy..he he

sm April 27, 2009  

hey kris this is not piracy go and read the books of law , read the meaning of plagmarism ok then come back.
plagmarism and piracy are two different things,
plagmaris means when you copy the matter which is firstly written by someon, it is not plagamarism when you say the birth of indira gandhi, or when you explain about taj mahal or when you explain about sachin tendular or when you write about competition ,you will find everything is same on every blog .

sm,  April 27, 2009  

kris ,i got you who are you ?
Learn to right the post after reading, before writing each post i spend reading 1 or 2 books then i right it dont spread your religious and hateful thoughts , learn to accept the truth

Anil,  April 28, 2009  

Sm,i agree with you .i checked both the sites and there are lot of difference about this post, on businessvartha site he has put the pics , second is you got 17 steps and he got less steps.
This is not piracy.

Jinsen Karedath April 29, 2009  

Hi I have voted for you. Please vote for me. http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/73569

Jinsen Karedath

Anonymous,  April 29, 2009  

Hi, Voted for yours, here is mine

sm,  April 30, 2009  

Jinsen voted for you,
borneveryday voted for you also

Anonymous,  April 30, 2009  

I voted for you. I hope you'll vote for me at http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/73681. My blog is http://itdawnedonme.wordpress.com. You visited, made some nice comments, and suggested I enter the contest. Thanks for the tip and the visit!

sm,  May 01, 2009  

diane voted for you your blog is excellent.

Atul May 01, 2009  

Hi sm

voted for your blog
Pls do vote for mine at



sm,  May 01, 2009  

voted for you atul.

Mukund May 03, 2009  

Hey sm, first time around your blog...
I voted for you and nominated mine...
I don't mind the award but do try and visit the blog..

sm,  May 03, 2009  

mukund voted for you.