20 March 2009

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Sun signs and Diet and exercises to stay fit and young

Sun signs and Diet and exercises to stay fit and young:
Aries:(March 20 - April 18):
Aries have high rate of metabolism so go do jogging

Taurus:(April 19 - May 19):

Taurus people you love sweets so try to keep away from sweet .You can join yoga, tai chi or just do daily 30 minutes brisk walking.

Gemini:(May 20 - June 20):
Gemini you should go for weight training.

Cancer:(June 21 - July 21):
Do yoga and aerobics at home , you like to work alone so find a personal trainer or get dvds and do it at home with precautions .

Leo:(July 22 - August 21):
Leo go and o running and swimming and be patient.

Virgo: (August 22 - September 22):
virgo you dont have weight problems much so you can join weight training.

Libra:(September 23 - October 22):
Libra go slow and stedy and you will achive fitness.Dont be in rush.

Scorpio:(October 23 - November 21):
scorpio join martial arts.dont keep your body on starvation.

Sagittarius:(November 22 - December 20):
sagittarius people go do runnning and join swimming ,go for fruits and salads.

Capricorn:(December 21 - January 18):
You never do exercise,just find excuses and sometimes you are really too busy. unlimately you found yourself without exercise.
so try to walk, use office stairs and home staris. go to beaches .

Aquarius:(January 19 - February 17):
aquarius you should join group exercises.

Pisces:(February 18 - March 19):
pisces avoid salty foods, drink water, go on vegetables and fruits .join yoga
do walking .