20 March 2009

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How to make your kids successful in school of life.

How to make your kids successful in school of life?
Now a days every parent is worried about his kids education and his or her success in his or her school and collage.So parents try everything to make it happen.

so lets see how astrology can help kids to get success in schools.
Dont forget only hard work gives success.

Sun Signs are divided into 4 elements of life that are
Aries,Leo and Sagittarus represent fire.Fire sign kids are athletic,love sports,they have inheret leadership qualities. So help your kid develope these qualities.Tell them importance of kindness and diplomacy also.

Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn signs are earth signs.
these kids are bestbehaved in school as well as homes.Rarely they will cause problems.They can achive impossible things, but as a parent you have to motivate them ,let them understand the importance of each thing ,how that will help them in future.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius - are air sign .
These kids are smart and popular everywhere.Finish school work and all duties quickly.this is where problem starts they can disturb others as others can not finish as fast as they do.So keep them busy in activities,keep them new challenges or they will become lazy and bored.

Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces are water signs.
Very quieter in school as well as home.They are good story tellers.
They will help everyone even enemies without there request.
These kids have to face the bully boys and this make these kids to say i wont go to school tomorrow. So as a parent you should make them strong enough so they can face bully boys.Send water sign kids to art and music classes ,training which will make them strong and confident.


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