20 March 2009

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How to Win Moms Heart ?

How to Win Moms Heart ?
Every human being has a special place for his mom.
so if you keep your boyfriends or girlfriends mom happy,
your relationship will be great.

sometimes you commit mistake because of office pressure or any other problems and you make your mom angree and now you want to make her happy ,so how you will do it . Lets make use of astrology and try to make your mom happy or try to win your girl friends mom ,so you can go on date.
You can use below tips on mothers day also or on womens day also.
Aries Mom is busy ,active type . so you can take her to lunch or if she likes games you can take her to watch game.
you can gift her diamond.

Gift Emerald to Taurus mom, you can gift her fragrances, luxry exclusive items.

Gemini moms gift them cell phone,laptop,pda or gift her moss agate stone.

Gift pearl to cancer mom , or give her pearl traditinal mothers ring,
for cancer mom home is heaven on earth , so gift her something which reletes to home or happy memories of past.

Gift leo mom ruby, make her happy by giving her holiday package trip as leo moms always only give to kids ,never enjoy for themselved so make her spend few days on good trip.

Gift virgo moms onyx or its different kinds. gift her peace of art ,scents
and anything which is beautiful.

Gift sapphire to Libra mom, take her to adventure or excitement trips or locations.

Gift Opal to scorpio moms. Gift them gift certificates so she can enjoy what she likes all around the year.

Gift Topaz to Sagittarius moms. Gift her something which can encourge her to develope her hobby her creativity.

Gift black onyx.Give her How to books?

Gift turquoise to aquarius mom. gift her novels and set of dvds

Gift pisces mom moonstone. she likes musci so take her to rock or pop concert or classical concert what ever she likes, gift her music cds set.


RNSANE September 02, 2010  

Gift sapphire to Libra mom, take her to adventure or excitement trips or locations.

I am laughing, sm, as I'm reading a few of your posts that I missed. I am a Libra ( Oct 3, I will be 66 - for my last two birthdays, I was in Rome, and then left on Mediterranean cruises. I've always tried to be on a wonderful trip for my birthday. This is the first year in many that I will be home, thanks to the budget cuts and the loss of my job of 21 years and retirement.

I could care less about jewelry. I have enough to last me to my dying breath but, oh, yes, the gift of travel, that's the way to win my heart.

sm,  September 02, 2010