20 March 2009

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Media News with Caste and Religion

Media News with Caste and Religion:
Whenver we read the newspaper or hear, listen news on television
one thing we always see and hear is that " Dalit boy killed"
Dalit girl raped, muslim girl raped, hindu boy murdered by muslim boys,
muslim boy is murdered by hindu boys.

Do you think this is right apporach to report the news.
I feel that print media as well as television media should stop using caste and religion while reporting any kind of news.
Reporting news by declaring the caste and religion just increases hatred among communities.
what is the need of saying dalit boy murdered or hindu or muslim boy murdered.
what benefits are achived by declaring the caste and religion of the people who are victims or who has committed crime.
Does it mean that for that day that whole community is against other community.
Media should stop using this style of reporting news with the caste and religion
But today media is unknowingly or knowingly spreading the hatred among communites by reporting news with caste and religion.
what is your opinion about this problem .
Is it the mistake made by print as well as audio video media ?


Deedz2Remember March 21, 2009  

I disagree. The media has to report the facts without diluting or watering them down. Unfortunately that is what it mostly does. I agree that at times these might be inflammatory, but then did be not finally manage to banish diseases like small pox by inoculating ourselves by the strains of the same pathogens. Just put the head in sand and wishing these away would not help.

The media has a responsibility to bring these issues out and as a society the only way we can find a solution by having those conversations, because even in this day and age prejudices and injustice exists.

By under reporting or being abstract we would only successful in brushing it under the carpet.


BK Chowla, March 21, 2009  

This what I have been complaining about for so long.More than the politicians,it is the media which is spreading hatered."minority community""dalit"Muslim" Hindu ,all this should be banned from media reporting as it serves no purpose except hate..hate.and hate.

Indian Home Maker March 22, 2009  

Never gave it any thought but I think, I agree with you. News tends to get sensationalised, and it is wiser to avoid doing that. True reporting should be extremely unbiased, but those reporting are human and personal feelings do reflect, so it is a small step in preventing any aggravation of feelings by mentioning castes or religions. Also many times the religion may not be relevant at all ...just my first thoughts on reading your thought provoking questions.

Anonymous,  March 22, 2009  

The fact is that in a democracy media ought to be an independent body that reports facts and ensures proper functioning of the democracy by equipping people with facts and the people on their part ought to dispassionately analyze these facts and reach/formulate an opinion. Therefore what is required is both an intelligent media and an intelligent populace.

Unfortunately in our country we have a dearth of both - of a well informed and dispassionate media agency and intelligent and rational people. And therefore to blame media is the most stupid thing to do, like Rajdeep Sardesai once said we deliver what the people demand if people want crap they get crap. Media is a business institution afterall.

I personally believe that audio and visual media is more to blame than print media.