18 March 2009

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Signs and Best movies

Signs and Best movies :
Planning to take your loved onces to movies ,
so read the list of signs and which movies they like , so you can get idea to take dearones to movies which will make them happy.
Aries:(March 20 - April 18):

aries ruling planet is mars.
Aries love war movies,gangster movies, fast cars, Aries will love the movies like rambo,rockey,
godfather, pearl harbour ,commando, independance day, etc.
Taurus:(April 19 - May 19):
Taurus people like the quality of movie, movies like when harry met sally, gone with the wind,
titanic etc
Gemini:(May 20 - June 20):
gemini people love movies with suspence, thrill, sherlock holmes, remember gemini people do not like if you whisper in ears about the suspence. they love suspence with fast action or fast moving story.
Cancer:(June 21 - July 21):
Cancer people love family oriented movies and drama where family is the main subject of story involving family ,movies like Places in the heart, and terms of endearment.
Leo:(July 22 - August 21):
leo people love the movies with bravery like robocop, k9, clint eastwood movies etc
Virgo:(August 22 - September 22):
Virgo people are like archeologist of movies they will try to understand every aspect of movie from direction to where the film has been shot, they will scrutinize everything , virgo people like the movie types of steven spielberg.
Libra:(September 23 - October 22):
Libra people love the love stories, any amout of love movies you show them they will demand more. they love movies like The piono, sweet november, ghost, angels, preety women, etc.
Scorpio:(October 23 - November 21):
scorpio people love horror movies, or suspence movies like body heat and 9 and half weeks , omen etc.
Sagittarius:(November 22 - December 20):
sagittarius people love to watch comedy movies or movies who won the oscar awards . they also like movies that show larger than life stories like brave heart.
Capricorn:(December 21 - January 18):
capricorn guys prefer love best of best , they prefer classic movies , or the movies which they love are classic movies of future generations so if you confuse which movie to watch get guidance from your capricorn friend for movie guidance capricorn people are best. no.1

Aquarius:(January 19 - February 17):

aqurius people love fight movies as well as suspece drama ,they will even watch the movies which you have never heard of

Pisces:(February 18 - March 19):

Pisces love anything when movie has happy ending like Runaway bride, preety women etc.


workhard March 18, 2009  

Hi, cool post, thats true what u mentioned about my star sign


BK Chowla, March 18, 2009  

Yes,to some extent I agree with your assessment.I am a cancerian