18 March 2009

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AIG Is it first failure of Mr.President Obama Policy ?

AIG Is it first failure of Mr.President Obama Policy ?
AIG is a american company The American International Group
which has received bailout package from obama adminstraton recently.
bailout package is nothing but american taxpayers money.

Through the bailout package AIG has received more than
170$ billion from the Treasury and Federal Reserve of USA.
Now from this money AIG is paying bonuses to its employee upto 165$ million.

Now it is said that obama govt can not stop this bonus act of AIG legally.
Reality Views by sm:
Now the quesiton is when obama govt paid AIG bailout money,
didnt the usa adminstration saw contract of AIG with its employees to pay bonus which can not be legally cancelled.
if this type of mistakes happen then other companies who received bonus
will do the same trick and enjoy bonus system .
This will result into total failure of obama adminstration.
The best solution will be to fire the staff who is demanding bonus,
before paying them bailout package.
is it the begining of same policies like Bush adminstration in usa.