18 March 2009

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Office romance and signs:

Office romance and signs:
In todays hectic lifestyle there is little chance that you will get time to have a love story.only chance is that you have found your love in your office.so if you find love in your office what will happen
just get the insight with the use of astrology.


If you fall in love with the aries then be sure that your office will become home, as aries dont care and dont fear others they are straightforward.
if one day your dress is not good your love will tell you that openly and if he feels you are flitering with others he may show you big eyes.

If your love is taurus be sure that whole office will know that you are having affair, as taurus wil love you deeply and it will show it on his face and actions. Suppose if taurus loves you one sided then also you will not able to reject her or him as its to difficult to reject them as they wont give you chance to say it. and this will keep stories spreading in office.

loves to talk , and they will do what they feel ,like going to sweethearts table and talking with her or him, but they are so childish you wont observe it and even if you observe it you will supprt them because of there innoncent behaviour.

cancer people will not openly say i love you but there actions will say it
always, like if he or she needs coffee cancer will do it without asking you, before asking it ,you will have your coffee, cancer people will keep loved once like king and queens.so if your boyfriend is cancer then you will get treatment of queen ,princess and if your girl friend is cancer you are going to enjoy life as a king.

If you love leo ,then there is only one way you have to declare your love and always praise leos good quality more you praise him more he will listen you. what you will give he or she will give you double of that immidiatly or whenever you will need it you will find him or her standing for you like real leo and fighting for you.

If your love in office is virgo, then avoid talking about love in office, virgo loves to keep business and love sepearte, if he or she is your boss, you may get scolded for your office mistakes and after office hour same person will make you happy or may say you sorry. if you want to win her or his heart try only outside office.

if your love interest is libra then you will not eaisly know if he or she loves you. only you will get idea if she or he sits with you for lunch or you get invitations for his or her home.

If your love interest is scorpio you will have to be leader but be aware that he or she may reject you openly .

If your love interest is sagittarius then try to show intelligence do not try to impress with romanitic ideas.

Do not like to mix business and love. its very difficult to crack them ,win them,but once you win them , they can give there life without thinking to just protect you.

Friendship with aquarius ,may make them belive you are in love with them,they are very emotional people, so if you do not love aquarius as soon as possible you should make them aware you see brother or sister in him.

Pisces are most romantic people as soon as you fall for him or he fall for you ,whole office will know that love is flying in the air.


BK Chowla, March 19, 2009  

I really don't know about the birtrh signs and love in the office,but, the topic is very interesting.Makes good reading.