22 March 2009

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Google Earth and Ban:

Google Earth and Ban:
Now and then we here the demand that ban google earth,
but it is not solution to ban google earth,
they say because of google earth our country is in danger,before the invention of google earth there we saw pearl harbour happend,
world wars happend, the armed forces carried out full plans with knowledge of enemy.

If google earth is so powerful as they claim then why al quida and other terror organisations are failing there attempts to destroy usa or uk
after one attack they were not able to carry out 2nd attack on usa.
every invention has good side as well as bad side,example is television set,
mobile phone,black berry, does anyone claim that they be banned as they are used by terrorist.mobile phones are more dangerous than google earth, just by doing few changes to mobile phone it can become mobile bomb.
everytool can be use for good purpose or bad puropose.example is knife, knife can be used to cut fruits or knife can be used to cut the head of a human or animal Just depends on how one person use the tool.google earth is a just tool.Before evolution of google earth there were crimies and terror attack.when you say google earth is bad should be banned it is like saying i can not dance becasue the floor,land is not proper straight.when one person decides to do a crime ,he will do the crime anyway with or without the help of google earth If google earth is banned then first of all we have to banned the ships ,airplanes, buses as terrorist people come to other country using this vehicles then you can ban the google earth when someone opposes google earth, we as a global society should undersand that,the person is opposing google earth because he wants to become famous. or he is educated but uneducated.Do not oppose google earth but see that intelligence,police, politicians are doing there duties.when you oppose google earth ,it means you do not trust your army, your airforce, your police department. what information google earth can give to terror organisations only location of our security base, before arrival of google earth that time also enemy knew the places of security. We should strethen our army, airforce and police department so even if terror groups attack our nation our forces will destroy them ,kill them.Google earth is a wonderful tool.Google earth is a virtual globe,if you can not travel you can travel using google eath, google earth can be used in schools to teach kids about our earth.its great tool.


Anonymous,  March 22, 2009  

hiiiii Buddy..
you are quite rite google Earth is an awesome tool, it is quite good, just like a virtual world, there are Many places which we can't visit in real life we can easily see it using google earth.
I think we should strengthen our security system rather banning the google earth.


BK Chowla, March 23, 2009  

Google Earth could be a potential security risk.

akd March 24, 2009  

every stuff has a bright as well as dark side....so is google earth

sm,  April 06, 2010  

BK Chowla,

sm,  April 06, 2010  

asit dhal,