23 March 2009

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Sun sign Pisces : Know all about pisces

Sun sign Pisces : Know all about pisces:
Pisces people are very understanding, gentle,loveing,caring,easygoing,
they make friends eaisly, pisces are not leaders but there presence can not be ignored by anyone,everyone knows he or she is there firmly standing for cause.

Friends and Family:
pisceans are loyal,dedicated,supportive and compassionate. For every problem faced by friend or family, pisceans will be on front side to fight the problem to help the friend and family.pisceans are open minded and hearted they do not hide anything.pisceans are best poets.
Career and Money:
suitbale careers for piscean are lawyer,architect,muscian,poet,social worker,and designers. pisceans very eaisly understand the problems and root cause of problems which help them to help others rightly.
pisceans do not run behind money and wealth,they like to chase there dreams and goals. Pisceans when spend they do not think much just go on spending like
live life to the fullest.
Compatibility Pisceans are most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio.
Color: The lucky color for Pisces is sea green.
Gemstone Pisces' star stone is the Moon Stone.
Lucky Numbers Pisces' lucky numbers are 1, 3, 4, and 9.
Famous Pisceans
Bruce Willis, Dr. Seuss, Cindy Crawford, Jerry Lewis and Buffalo Bill Cody


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