22 March 2009

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SiGN Aquarius : Know all about Aquarius Persons :

SiGN Aquarius : Know all about Aquarius Persons :
Auarians are energetic as well as shy and quiet. they are very deep thinkers.
and great neighbours as they love to help all. aqurians are good judges of problems,good solution givers, they are intelligent.when people think there is no hope , aqurians see the hope and light.

Friend and Family relationship with aqarians:
aquarias have very few close friends,if they have friendship then its lifelong friendship,if you are friend or love for aquarians they be sure before you call for help aquarian will be there with help by your side
all this same applies to family members also,they expect same qualities from you also.
Career and Money:
careers for aquarians are acting,writing,photography,travel relted,teaching,
Lucky colour for aquarius is turquoise.
lucky numbers for quarius 2,3 and 7
Aquarius are most compatible with gemini,libra .
Famous Aquarians:
John Travolta, Charles Dickens, James Hoffa, Ronald Reagan, and Gertrude Stein.