31 January 2009

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India Medicine drug laws outdated casestudy : Nimesulide

India Medicine drug laws outdated casestudy : Nimesulide

Drugs Banned worldwide still available in India
A drug banned in most parts of the world due to its side effects is still available in India,// despite reports of serious adverse events observed among several children who had been taking it in the Sub-continent.

The drug Nimesulide, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which has been reported as causing liver toxicity is still widely used in India commonly for pain relief and fever although it was approved for use in India in 1994 for painful inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders. Besides being available as a single ingredient, nimesulide is also available in more than 30 other drugs and as drops for children aged under1 year. All are unapproved by the drugs controller and therefore illegal.

The drugs controller general of India, Ashwini Kumar, has said that the government was appointing a committee to look into the issue of adverse reactions to the drug. However in a statement made by the deputy drugs controller, Ram Teke, has been cited as saying that there was no move to reconsider its use or approval.

At present there is no system of monitoring adverse drug reactions in India hence drugs that are banned globally or whose use is severely restricted or not approved owing to serious side effects are freely available in India. Some of the names of the drugs banned in other parts of the world but available in India include anagen, cerivastatin, droperidol, furazolidone, lynestrenol, nitrofurazone, phenformin, phenolphthalein, phenylbutazone, piperazine, quiniodochlor.

Leading doctors in India say that if a particular drug is bad and harms people’s health, it has to be banned immediately and they also stress on the fact that at present such decisions are taken only to help manufacturers and to suit the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical companies thereby affecting the drug regulatory mechanism in India and until such issues are not sorted out the existing situation would prevail.
Our law makers politicians have only time to fight on unnecessary issues like culture,language,
and sex . they do not have time to fight for good cause. or fight on vision for india.
We need to change our political system and introduce accountability for lawmakers and judges.
Be educate and educated as there is no one for common indian man us.
lets unite and try to make a change. spread the word if today we start our next generation can have the beautiful and peaceful india ,they can enjoy life which we have always dreamed of.
Lets learn to see the dreams for next generation ,young generation .


sangeeta May 11, 2010  

Thanks for dropping by my blog .
As i was going through your blog i stumbled into the 'health' posts .........i am impressed that somebody is writing on the issues i feel so strongly about , very well written n informative.

i'll be pleased to link these posts to my relevant posts in the future.
please keep up the good work.