31 January 2009

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If your drug is banned worldwide come to india we got solution

If your drug is banned worldwide come to india we got solution

ARE YOU AN international pharmaceutical company, finding a place for your banned drugs to recover from your losses? Don’t worry, we have got the solution — come to India!

Sale of spurious and banned drugs is rampant in India. The pharmaceutical companies and defaulters are playing with the lives of thousands of people who are not aware of the hramful effects of the drugs they sell..

Well it does not need a Ripley’s Believe it or Not show to make people aware that India has become a hub of banned drugs. You will be shocked to find the list of drugs, which we consume and are actually banned in other countries. These drugs are selling as hot cakes in India. It is ghastly, but true.

India has become a dumping ground for banned drugs. The business for production of banned drugs is blooming and because there are more consumers here and all illegalities are duly obeyed. The irony is that very few people know about the banned drugs and consume them unaware, causing a lot of damage to these people. The issue is severe and we must not delay in spreading the warning message to the offenders and innocent people.

If you are international pharma company come to india and sell us banned drugs. give us banned drugs as we are more stronger people than other counrities,our blood is different than others.
they may die with these banned drugs but we will not die and we will not suffer any reactions.

so welcome to india its our traditon also.

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