22 November 2008

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Terrorism has no religion.

Terrorism has no religion.No religion teaches any one to kill innocent people .
Today in india political parties are utilising the term hindu terrorism relating to some so called indian citizens whom ATS anti terrorist squad has arrested.
It is the duty of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to see that they are guilty or not .
it is the duty of television media that they should stop using words like hindu or muslim terror.
every human being can become a criminal . criminals and terrririst have no religion and no families.
even your god indra has done crimes so i hope you will understand that political parties do not wish to talk about real problems india is facing like political corruption,energy,water, food etc.
They are making us fools from last 50 years on the name of religion or ram mandir.
so please dont listen to any political parties try to understand the truth ,learn to see the truth.
Truth is that terrorist or criminals have no religion and todays political parties have onlyone agenda to fight with each other on thirdclass, unimportant issues and waste the money and time of india.

Please do not support anyone who says ,objects ATS if you feel they are innoncent please go give them best of best lawyers .

Do not challenge judiciary and law enforcement department By doing so you are showing that they are totally liears.

Do you see this political parties fighting for common man ?

Do you see this political parties taking oath that they will not stay in air conditioner homes when milions of indians stay in darkenss daily for 24 hours.

Friends remember the days of Babri and Ram mandir issue ? who died there only poor people died there.


Gurpreet Singh November 23, 2008  

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Gurpreet Singh November 24, 2008  

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Anonymous,  November 24, 2008  

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had to rescue it from Akismet, that's why it took so long to post.

This is a really strong anti-terrorism piece. Like your unrelenting style.