20 November 2008

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Story of a baby called India . story by sm. Part 1

Story of a baby called India . story by sm. Part 1
Today also as usual India was working late in his office .He was the President of the multinational software company .. suddenly he listened his laptop beeping , and he saw it was his sticky note reminding him that Tomorrow is his birthday The 15 th August. Tomorrow he will become 60 years old.
As he was preparing to leave office,he heard his office employees saying him happy birthday and asking about the party. India promised them party and left the office.
As he was driving home ,he stoped as there was red signal . he saw outside his car window and felt very sad, when saw the young naked poor kids begging and suddenly he went back into his past and remembered his mother his brothers his life.
He remembered that when he was born ,his mother told him that same year his father was killed by somone. His brothers were killed in riots. it was very bad year ,but still his mother was joyous as she gave birth to India.When father of india died before that his big joint family was broken as his father and uncles fought on who will be the next family head ,in this fight both became very angree and they divided there property .there home was partitioned. His mother always told him the glory of there past generations , she said to him always there ancestors were so rich that all refered them as the country of gold where animals ,birds also stay in gold nests.Regarding this India was always confused , as when india started to understand ,he always thought does mom lying him or something was missing he didnt understand it neither his mom was able to tell him explain him properly.
Suddenly India heard his driver calling him that they reached home .He felt discomfort to enter into his own home as he was alone ,there people who watied for him were killed in a bombblast , his wife and kids were all killed last year in a bombblast ,his familes many intelligent boys left him left his company,home as they felt Now India will never give them opportunities , as family was growing day after day .
From his childhood days ,Everyone said that India is very intelligent ,sharp but very emotinal boy even his mother told him he is just like a big baby at the age of 60 also.she always told him that when he will growup ,he has to find his identity among the big boys like usa and uk etc . His mother wanted ,hoped that her son India will bring back the glory of golden family,state which there ancestors enjoyed thousands years back.
India was President ,but his mejority company officers have became courrupt ,who didnt work unless others gave them bribes and India was helpless as he was President without powers. His mother thought that he is not doing his job well as she was uneducated ,but very loving and caring towards him and everyone . India always tried to explain to his mother situation, but she didnt listen and just kept prasing ancestors who lived in a golden kingdom ,but she was forgotten hundered of years when they were ruled by outsiders ,who took away there gold , diamonds etc.
India even tried to explain the situation to his friends ,but in vain as everyone was happy with the stories of past ancestors and golden days,kingdom.
India went to his bed ,tried to sleep but like last 60 years he was unable to sleep, he rolled from this side to other ,took the pillow cried and reminded himself that he has to stay strong and postive as his family has became very big family ,family of billions growing daily per second .
India knew he has to act if he want to fulfill his mothers and fathers dreams.



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hi..nice post....take care....