17 November 2008

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Know how to vote ? india vote with conditions if you want change

By: sm
Know how to vote ? india vote with conditions if you want change
People always say that what is use of vote , as all candidates are not good,they dont have
good choice ,so what is use of voting ,it is wastage of time .
So i am writing guidelines ,ideas how to vote and get a a good leader,good lawmaker .
1- Vote but no vote :
You will say all candidates are not good .So you will not vote. Yes ok i agree with this so
please dont vote ,but go to the poll booth ,poll center and vote . What you should do is when you go to poll write on that paper what you feel , like " No one is eligible " or what is in
your heart . if dont like this then there may be 10 names of candidates ,then vote for all 10
candidates, by ticking or stamping on his name. But please vote .
2- Fix conditions ,your critaria :
when you vote in your heart and mind, please make some critaria ,remember when
company selects the worker,employee they have selection crataria,when you want to join
global companies like infosis,tata,microsoft ,you work hard with honesty and prepare your
biodata so they can select you.
Here is the job of CEO of india , so you are going to choose CEO of india ,so you must
have some critaria in your head and mind.
3- Retirement age for politicans :
Every person ,every job has a retirement age , then please fix the retirement age for
yourcandidate like 55 or 60 or 65 . police department to judiciary everyone has retirment
age.Even Bill gates got retired from his company.If you can not fix the retirment age then i give you hint, ask your father,and relatives what is
there age of retirment and fix that age for your selection . once you fix the retirment age for your election candidate it will be like this ," i will vote only for the candidate who is below age 65 i will not vote for any candidate who is
above 65 " As my father is not allowed to work after age 65, my no relative is not allowed to work after
65, in future i will not be allowed to work after 65 so i will not permit politicians to work after
age 65 .Please fix the retirement age for your politicians.
4- Dont vote for Father-son-grandson :
Do not vote for party sponsored candidate, you will ask why not to vote them, Because all
parties are same ,there aims ,dreams are all same, they will not change anything.parties only give tickets to relatives,friends. A honest hardworker, party worker will rarely get
a ticket to contest a election.
5- vote for independant candidate.
which type of independate candidate ,a person who is first time in his whole life is contesting election is a independent candidatewhen you vote for independate candidate ,this will encourge other good people to
stand,contest elections .
6- Dont see the religion :
when you go to vote ,check his education, background of past 50 years. try to find out if his
father was office boy in 1950 how in 50 years he become owner of 100 crores,50 crores,ask yourself question, my whole family work in 50 years but still our income is not more than
1 crore ,which we spend all , so in 1950 also you were middle class,low class , today also
you are middle class, so how come the politician who was low class in 1950 become super
rich class in 2008.
7- Check how many kids he got if he is married .
If he has more than 2 kids then dont vote for him , if he got more kids ,children then it shows
that he can not care for his family how can he care for the family of 100 crore indians.more children show that he do not have managment skills, do not have future vision.
8- Do not vote on promises.:
In india it is not compulsory for political leader to fulfill all his promises . it is just a promise
which he will never fulfill.
9- vote for candidate who will say the realistic things of life, like he will bring or start xxx
project and it wil benefit after 5 years or 20 years like honestly
10- this list is endless but i hope you got idea if you want you can ask me for more.
11- please vote and choose good leaders .
12- yes we can change india if we vote with condtions


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Marianna Borges November 20, 2008  

Vote is very important!
Very nice post

bye bye

sm,  March 16, 2010  

Strawberry Fields,

sm,  March 16, 2010  

Mari Borges,