17 November 2008

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Know ,Why to vote in Elections

Know ,Why to vote in  Elections

Know the importance of vote

election is process, on which our master is selected for 5 years.

Master is the government.

They say in democracy its peoples government.

But in reality Democracy is for powerful people for the benefit of powerful people at large .

After elections are over you become again somewhat like slave, of this master for 5 years .

For only one day you become master.so always vote and  choose a good master for our next 5 years by voting to right and good candidate.

when you try to get a job in a company how much you try to get information of company so why not get info about your master,your political leaders,law makers.

This master,political leader controls your life from television watching to your kids ,brothers sports ground without his wish ,permission you are nothing  but A BIG zero

Remember after election day is over you are some what like a slave with few rights for next 5 years.

you do not have right to call back that elected person even our judiciary has limited powers,

Get registered and always vote and encourage other friends to vote

Reality views by sm 


Gurpreet Singh November 17, 2008  

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SM December 19, 2009  

Gurpreet Singh