15 November 2008

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Do you think action of BBC sacking sam mason is right ?

By: sm
Do you think action of BBC sacking sam mason is right ?
A deep analysis.
You must have read the dialogue between sam mason and taxi company.

From that we can know that , mason is afraid of asian taxi drivers ?what she felt she told honestly .On this point taxi company should have told them trust the company, our asian drivers are as good as white drivers.
Today if another mason says i dont want to purchase a car from showroom where turban head work is it racist.
if mother goes with daughther to swimming couch and says she dont want turban head teacherfor her dauther is it racist.
someone says i do not want to purchase or eat in asian hotel is it racist.
she fears for her daughter .so best way is to see that her fears of turban head people does not stay with her for life.
Now as BBC sacked her it achived negative points , For all life mason will curse and say bad words to turban head .her 14 year daughter will always say turban head is the cause my mother lost the job.
So there was only one turban head mason who feared turban now action of bbc has added one more.
we dont think it is racist its her money,its her choice and if company feels and cares so much about the drivers you should deny her request .
Its the masons, right of freedom of speech .
Now mason has to find out does she was made aware that her call was being recorded, if company has to record call as per laws company has to make aware the client that her call is being recorded and can be used as evidence.if company didnt inform mason ,mason should file the case suit against taxi company.
she should file a suit against bbc also claiming her right of speech.and return of her job.
This is how the hatred begins . Bbc should have helped her get ,over come the fear of turban head drivers, taxi company should have helped her to overcome her fear.
The action of bbc has just added one more turabn head ,hater.
sacking is not solution helping the employee to get her fear overcome is the duty of employer as well as society.