26 November 2008

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How to earn millions monthly and permanantly ?

  • Reality Views By: Sm 
    How to earn millions monthly and permanantly ?
    To earn millions monthly , you dont need any qualifications .
    This is a kind of lottery .Every 5 years you can play this lottery.
    I will guarantee you that this lottery will be fruitful after 50 years or 25 years.
    Your next generations will be thankful for you for playing this lottery.
    If you play this lottery,gamble and luckily if you win this gamble following benefits you will get.
    1- You will have no responsiblity ,no work only have to talk and fight on anything ,even you can fight on a issue like why my telephone colour is black.
    2- You will get unlimimted free phonecall, unlimited medical expenses, unlimited travel to foreign countries with family members, unlimited petrol expenses, new cars every year,free residence in a posh locality.
    3- you will get pension and above all facilities also. .After winning this lottery above all facilites you will enjoy them  permanantly.
    4- you will get free police protection, you will get daily invitations to parties,
    5- If you do any illegal ,unlawful activity in your office ,you will just face enquiry ,even if you are caught red handed on camera, you will not be punished, but you will get pramotions.

    So my friends after reading this are you ready to play this gamble,play this lottery ok then prepare yourself to stand as a independent candidate in elections 2009.Become a Politician , stand for elections ,play this gamble if you win this gamble you know the benefits.
  • Be The king of India after winning elections and your generations will rule India.


Gurpreet Singh November 26, 2008  

I Want To Play this Game But Will U Be My Partner
Hhahahahaha LOL
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Gurpreet Singh November 27, 2008  

It O.k Want change your want you can do.
But I Think There is no problem with 3rd party ads as I have seen many of the big bloggers using the same thing as I.
So please check out T&c of Google & let me know if this is the fact.
Blogging in Web 2.0 Beta

sm,  February 12, 2010  

Gurpreet Singh,