06 November 2008

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Real problems of india do we care about them

Reality Views By Sm

India ,Do you see our politicians talking about real issues,problems india is facing today.

Today ,India is facing many problems but you can eailsy found out indian political parties are
not focussing on them, or may be they do not think these are real issues,problems.

we have complted more than 50 years after independence but still we are facing same
problems which we face before independance .

1- india was poor before independance today also india is poor.

2- Population : it is said that in india daily one australlia is created that is to say if population
of australlia is xxx in india population xxx borns daily.

3- corruption in every corner ,goverment offices you will find corruption .

4- many political candidates whose families were beggers or very poor they have become
millionaries or billionaries in just few years i hope these politicians will tell the indian
common man how they become so rich .what is trick to accumlate so much wealth.

5- British people uses divide and rule policy to control india .Today also you can see same
policy used by indian politicians.

the list is endless.

so now quesiton is Do you see the indian political parties leaders talking ,debating on this
issues ?

The ball is in your court now .
Only handful of people in india care about this , think about this.