05 November 2008

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Analysis Why Obama won ,Yes we can, made the history

By sm :
Analysis Why Obama won ,Yes we can, made the history
Barack Obama defeats John McCain.Democrat Barack Obama has won the presidential election in a landslide electoral vote, defeating Republican John McCain and becoming the first African-American to win the nation's highest office. He is 44th President of USA.

Now question is why obama won ?

lets we will try to find it out

1- His slogan YES WE CAN did the very important trick when obama said Yes we can immidiatley everyone got connected with him positively .
2- American people are very upset with the Bush policies .
3- Obama is black Many thought Lets give him chance as they know nothing will change obama or mccain nothing is going to change.
4- Age factor Mccain is 72 years old Many people dont want old person as president who can not take care of himself ,how he can take care of country for 4 years. On other hand Obama is young,energitic , positive minded. and just 47 years old.
5- Very good Marketing skilis , he kept happy everyone, from hindus, muslims to christians on right time he declared few imp points that he keeps hanuman, second is on right time he cancalled church membership, etc. His projection was like a Big hollywood movie or bond movie .
6- When obama was speaking it felt he wants to do something,he want to change somehting on other hand when mccain was speaking one started to think he is so old how he will manage country, there was no force , it just felt that Mccain will carry Bush policies which were totally failed for many americans.
7- We are sure now republicans will see that in 2012 will not choose old politicians for presidency they have to choose someone like Sarah palin young and full of energy.
8- Yes we can , Yes we can change a collective will, a collective desire,
Yes we can made the history