05 November 2008

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Obama or Mccain as President, will it make any difference for common american man ?

By sm:
Obama or Mccain as President, will it make any difference for common american man ?
No it will not change anything for a honest ,common ,hardworking americans.
Obama or Republican as president , there life style wont change. There will be no changes .Like India ,rich americans wil become rich and common american wil stay common.
why ?
Just one example to discuss.
Last month, that is october everyone saw american economy collapsed .
why this happend ? who is responsible for american economy collapsed ?
who is responsible that investor banks who were profit making last year that is 2007 become suddenly bankrupt in a year 2008 ?
Does American politicians tried to find out this and punish the greedy persons.
answer is no ,american politicians didnt find out the guilty persons instead of this what american politicians, excutives did ,is that they rushed gave bailout packages to people,to the banks to save them.
This is like another words i will say, a person do not have insurance but he burns the car and the insurance company rushes and pays that person, money to buy new car without making any inquiry.
as govt of usa paid them bailout package money , whose money they paid ,the money was collected from american tax payers.
Dont you think as your money is paid you got full right to know ,why they paid money, who was responsible for the collapse of company or bank ?does govt is planning to punish guilty executives or people whose greedyness cost so much to america.
In this situation you can see both politicians from republican or democrat kept silence .no one is talking about finding out the courrpt or greedy persons .
Just go through there speeches you will find that i will give you example
if obama says i will spend or give tax relief of 1 doller on other hand Mccain says in another language he will give tax relife or some kind of relief which is equal to 1 doller ormore
where is ideology ? where is change ? what they will change ?
If Obama wins only change will be a black person will become first time president , and a converted muslim, will become a president .
I hope you got the point so now Does it matter for honest ,common american people Obama or Mccain , a same coin with two sides ?