19 December 2007

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India New law is going to be made on prostituion

In a few months it is belived that in india regarding prostitution a new law will be made few new amendments will be made to existing law.

Prostitution is defined as buying and selling of sexual services.

its not legal in india. But in everycity we will find there are red light areas ,prostitution bazzars,
in each indian city.

new amendments prapose that a buyer ,customer of prostitute should be punished put behind the bars.

does our politicians studied the consquences of this amendments.

this is in short what will happen once the buyer that is customer of prostitute is send behind the bars ?

First of all all sex business will be controlled by mafia, it will go underground.

then today normally only prostitues pay money to police to work peacefully at few places
now situation will be created where buyers customars will also pay to police or any person who is powerful.
so the blackmailing of customars will become rampant frequent.

most imp today like food, water, we must accept sex is also basic necessity.

there will be many perosons will think that if i go to sex worker i will go to jail, or if i do rape i will go to jail. inboth cases i will go to jail.

then he will think that if he goes to sex worker he may catch Hiv or sexual diseases.
but if he rapes the girl he wont get Hiv so he will commit the rape.
so in this case rape incidents will be increased in society.

so we hope that this new amendments will not be passed by indian politicians.