06 October 2020

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Answer to times Article Why are farm bills opposed?

Answer to times Article Why are farm bills opposed?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020  

Answer to times Article Why are farm bills opposed? Hostility is based on a discredited economic model that upholds vested interests

Today I read an article in Times of India with heading Why are farm bills opposed? Hostility is based on a discredited economic model that upholds vested interests

As title was interesting, I read the article and realize the article has nothing, is wrong fails to give proper reasons for supporting the farm bills?

First let us understand in short what the article says –

Para 1 –

The opposition to the seminal reforms in agriculture is based on a discredited economic model that undermines the benefits of competitive markets – a model relying on the misguided tryst with socialism that never delivered India’s tryst with destiny. To understand how this discredited model cost India four decades of economic prosperity, it is crucial to study the 2,000-year economic history documented by Angus Maddison.

In above paragraph you can see that writer talks about PM Nehru and his failed policy which was never a failure . He talks about PM Shastri and his failed policy Jai Jawan Jai Kisan which was never a failure.

Both were successful in their capacity as a Prime Minister of India.

Suddenly then writer talks about 2000-year-old Indian History , seems writer forgot that India never existed before 1947, Formation of India started when British Raj started process of one India, One Law, One Currency.

Before that there were small kingdoms and those kingdoms were very rich, Asia was very rich, kingdoms were very rich.

So, nothing is there in Paragraph number 1

Para 2 –

From being the economy that contributed over one-third of global GDP for three-quarters of known economic history, India lost its pole position because of the undermining of markets – first under British rule and then through our misguided tryst with socialism.

As the Economic Survey 2019-20 demonstrated using a plethora of carefully constructed evidence, India’s historic pole position was achieved by marrying the invisible hand of markets with the hand of trust that, in turn, drew its vitality from India’s spiritual traditions.

Since 1991, economic liberalization and reforms by successive governments across the political spectrum – except during the last decade of 2004-14 – have enabled a return to these core economic principles. That these timeless principles – advocated in as disparate Indian literature as the Arthashastra and the Thirukural – work is seen in the enormous prosperity well-regulated markets have delivered since 1991. Even the Chinese economic miracle is testimony to the role of markets in enabling economic prosperity for citizens.

Understand Paragraphs 2 in details -

In this second paragraph article talks about British Rule, he forgets that all small kingdoms of India were controlled and ruled by British Raj, and British Raj took full advantage and as a result England became a rich nation and small Indian kingdoms became poor and when all small kingdoms were united and one India was formed, India was a very poor nation.  After that India fought wars which made India poorer.

Now article talks about Economic Survey 2019-20, but he forgets that only rich became more rich, poor and middle-class Indian people got nothing, remained poor, today whatever middle class is enjoying is only because of the policies of former PM Manmohan Singh.

A policy which makes only rich richer is a wrong policy just proves that government has friendly connections with rich people of that nation and government does not care about poor or middle-class people of that nation.

China is not a democratic nation so we can not compare progress made by china with India.

When china found cases of milk adulterations, the accused were arrested and china gave them capital punishment. Is that possible in India?

The article talks about well-regulated markets, if you will carefully read about American farmers or European farmers, you will realize that they get lots of subsidy from their government.

Our Indian farmer is poor he gets nothing from government only on election time he is fooled by politicians with fake promises.

Paragraphs 3 to 9 –

Discusses about APMC markets, small farmer, big farmer comparison but article does not talk about new farm bills.

Now in Short  I will explain, why BJP Government needs to add few lines to those farms’ bills to make them farmer friendly.

In India, nearly 85% of poor farmers own less than two hectares of land.

New farm bills allow a contract farming means allows farmers to enter into agreements with big companies to produce a crop for a pre-agreed price.

Under the proposed system, farmers can sell directly to big companies at prices to be agreed between them. In such case who will dominate, a small farmer who is in need of a cash or a big company?

When someone is in a need of cash, even if he knows that his property has a more value, he ends up selling that property at loss, reason is simple he needs cash to fulfill other needs.

Yes, farming sector needs reforms, so we need farm laws. But new laws need to give protection to farmers.

New law needs to give protection of MSP Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers

The law needs to add lines which will clearly say that No one will be allowed to buy from Farmer below Minimum Support Price (MSP) not even government of India. If there is no buyer then mandatorily government of India will buy those food items or will allow international companies to buy directly from Indian farmer by paying MSP.

India needs policy of One India One Market One Guaranteed legal MSP.

Oral guaranty of MSP has no value it becomes a jumla law needs to give protection to farmer.

If farmers do not get legal protection of MSP then farmer will get robbed from criminals and they will sell farm produce on higher prices to corporate companies and finally farmer will become a salaried employee, a servant of big companies on his own land.

Few people say that farmer will have right to go to court, be honest and think a farmer who do not have money to feed his family, can he afford the fees of supreme court lawyers, advocates?

Be intelligent farmer will never go to court of law against big companies he will end up committing suicide.

Indian farmers need new farm laws but with legal written guarantee that One India One Market One MSP, written legal MSP not an oral Jumla

Reality views by sm –

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