03 August 2018

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India The Need of the Hour Crowd Funded Independent News Channel

India The Need of the Hour Crowd Funded Independent News Channel
Now a days every few days we Indians get to read that XYZ News anchor left his job reason he spoke, did interview exposing BJP government.

Why this happen, there are many reasons but important reason is majority media is controlled by the rich people of India, whose black deed files are in possession of powerful political leaders. Thus once they see that some anchor is crossing his limits, the indirect orders are given and that XYZ News Anchor losses his Job.

Few names to say Nikhil Wagale, Abhisar Sharma, Punya Prasson Bajpai who lose their job.
But all were very popular and they can reduce the TRP of many popular television shows if they are given free hand.

Free Secular Independent Press is very important part of any democratic nation.

Slow death of Press means Democracy is dying, and thinking of majority people is becoming religious, they are moving towards giving birth to a future Hitler, or Osama Bin Laden, or a Taliban Government , this process happens very slow but when one day population goes to sleep , next morning citizens see that their freedoms are curtailed and majority citizens do not oppose it they welcome it as they worship the organization , political party blindly and who suffers , only females suffer because of this.
Best Example is Iran , one should read the History of Iran how jeans wearing Iranian females went behind Hijab in 70s after change of ruler.

Indians females are very lucky they got everything without fighting with government or Indian males because of great former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who choose to make India a secular democratic nation, not a nation based on Hindu Religious Books, Manusmurti and Vedas which was the demand of few organizations at that time.

How to know Free Press is dying in country?
It is first duty of every citizen and news anchor to expose the failures of ruling government day and night.The elected, ruling  politicians should fear what media is going to expose today , what media is going to say on television show If this happens on TV show means Media is Free and working fearlessly.

But if you see that Media is praising the elected government day and night , if you see that a television news channel is only showing happy programming , praising the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, this is an indication , a hint that free press is dying moving towards a slow death.

Another Indication is increase in advertisements on television News Channels, this is also one method of killing the news channels, the viewers of television show stop watching that show, do not watch that show.

Another indication is that if certain news anchor everyday exposes the ruling government then using technical knowledge it is seen that the viewers are not able to listen sound of his show or picture this keeps happening until the shows ends.if video works, then no sound, and if sound works then no video , in such a situation which viewer is going to watch that show for half an hour or a hour.

Today in India what we see on television, majority news channels just praise the government or show news not related with Indian citizens , they will show news of other nations, discuss unnecessary issues, do the debates on unnecessary topics.

Slowly Indian Free Press is dying in such situation the time has come for the secular independent people to come together and start a New News Channel using crowd funding.
Even Youtube News Channel can defeat the wishes of politicians who want to convert media free press  into a boot licking press.

The time has come now India needs a Independent Secular Free News Channel

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Friday, August 3, 2018

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